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How do you say how are you doing in Swedish?

Hur star det till?(Actually "Hur står det till?" but I am not sure if the Nordic letter "å" works in other countries.)'How are you doing?' in Swedish may be 'hur går det?' (how goes it?) or 'hur mår du?' (how are you?).

What actors and actresses appeared in Hur Korpen blev till - 2013?

The cast of Hur Korpen blev till - 2013 includes: Thommy Berggren as himself Bo Widerberg as himself

How do you say how are you in Swedish?

You can say "Hur mår du?" or "Hur är det läget?" or just "Läget?"Also you can say "Hur står det till?" ( How are things?),"Hur är det med dej?" ( How are things with you?)or "Hur går det?" ( How are you doing?)"Hur är det läget?" and "Läget?" are less formal and more like teen-talk."Hur mår du?" Is more formal.

What has the author Roland Jerneryd written?

Roland Jerneryd has written: 'HUR IDROTTEN KOM TILL STAN'

Hello how are you in Swedish?

"Tja, hur är läget!" "Hej, hur är läget?" "Hallå där, hur står det till?" "Hej, hur mår du?" "Tjena, mår du bra?" "Hejsan! Allt väl med dig?" There are so many ways of saying this phrase in swedish, but listed above are some of them.

When will time end?

now hur hur hur shame

What was the Production Budget for Ben-Hur?

The Production Budget for Ben-Hur was $15,000,000.

Silvana Mangano was she in Ben-Hur?

No Silvana Mangano was not in Ben-Hur, but she was in many other movies.

Hur får man mystery pass på pokemon leafgreen?

Gå till någon pokemart, och gå till ett urklipp på disk, skriv "länk tillsammans med alla"

When was Angela Hur born?

Angela Hur was born in 1980.

When was Hur Jae born?

Hur Jae was born in 1965.

Was Ben Hur real?

Ben Hur is a character in a novel.

Who played the title role in the 1926 film Ben-Hur?

Charleston Heston played Judah Ben-Hur

Hur kom Islam till?

it is luke livesey and Ethan lees and harry r and Henry s and Lucy w and catlin s and tyler l

What is the name meaning of the name Hur?

Hur means liberty and pureness

What actors and actresses appeared in Ben Hur - 1907?

The cast of Ben Hur - 1907 includes: Herman Rottger as Ben Hur

What is Swedish for how are you?

Hur mår du? Or you could say; Hur är det?

When was Aram Hur born?

Aram Hur was born on 1971-03-04.

Is Ben Hur mentioned in the Bible?

No, Ben Hur is a fictional character in a movie.

What does it mean when you dream about a girl you kinda like but have not talked to them in years?

it means that u probaly r still in love with hur (or like hur), and want to be with hur.

When was Hur Do-Hwan born?

Hur Do-Hwan was born on 1984-07-31.

When was Hur Seung-Wook born?

Hur Seung-Wook was born in 1972.

When was Ben-Hur Baz born?

Ben-Hur Baz was born in 1906.

When did Ben-Hur Baz die?

Ben-Hur Baz died in 2003.

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