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YupJust to be clear, drug test's for employer's look for ILLEGAL drugs - not prescriptions. So if you fail the drug test you will be fired, and rightfully so.

The answer above is correct, The positive drug screen will not affect your worker's compensation claim because of the lapse in time. However, If you test positive for prescription pain medication and the prescription does not belong to you that is considered an illegal drug and the company can fire you based on the drug policy.

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First things first: You've been prescribed this, right? It is illegal to take prescription drugs if you don't have a prescription for them. The second question is, did you show the testing people the prescription when you were tested? If both answers are yes, you're okay.

If you have a commercial driver's license or an airman's certificate, things are a little different. There is a very long list of drugs you cannot take if you are a truck driver or a pilot. One of them is Oxycontin. If you are prescribed Oxycontin, you are officially out of service until the prescription ends and the drugs have had time to clear themselves from your system. If you're driving on oxys and get caught they will treat you just like you were driving on pot.

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Q: Hurt back at work filed report next day as it got worse that night sent to employers doctor 2 days later if fail drug test as i took a prescripition pain reliever night before can i be fired?
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