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Ask him why. He should be comfortable to kiss his wife.

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How do you know if your husband still loves you if he does not initiate hugs and kisses?

ummm...if he makes you a tuna sandwich

Why do they call the candy kisses kisses?

They call it "candy kisses" because when they make the chocolate kisses the chocolate makes a kissing noise.

What state makes Hershey kisses?

Hershey Kisses are made in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Why does this girl always hug you and sometimes kiss you and says she really likes you but when she is with her friends she makes fun of you and treats you badly?

When a girl hugs and kisses you then makes fun of you in front of her friends, she doesnt mean what she is saying to her friends. She's just trying not to lose her friends and not lose you at the same time. (I Hope this helps).

What makes candy sweet?

Hershey Kisses

What is 'friends' when translated from English to French?

Amies and amis are French equivalents of the English word "friends." Context makes clear whether female (case 1), male or mixed female and male "friends" (example 2) suit. The pronunciation will be "a-mee" in French.

What should you do if your friend's husband who is also one of your husbands best friends makes a pass at you?

Tell them that your marride and you love your husband and to stop messing around cause you dont like them that was

How did Hershey's Kisses get their name?

Hershey's Kisses are so named because the machine that makes them appears to "kiss" the conveyor belt.

Is sterling knight best friends with Tiffany thornton?

Yes they also love each other which makes her husband not a big fan of sterling

What candy's slogan is makes your mouth happy?


Why do kisses from pets make you tired?

cause it makes us shake!

What is the meaning of 'widow' in a sentence?

its a term for when a female looses their husband through death which makes them a widow. Can be used like this "shes a widow"

Can a boy and a girl really be 'just friends'?

Yes they can. I've had male friends (2 of them) since high school so that makes our friendship over 40 years. I also have other male friends that come for dinner and my husband has some female friends that we also invite over. Usually when young love and friendship can mesh. Good marriages are based on (of course physical attraction) friends first and falling in love. Yes. But you never know if it's going to turn into something else. Most male friends become attracted to their female friends over a period of time. Or sometimes, they only become your friend to try to get a farther relashonship with you.

Is it abuse if your husband calls you names makes threats and chooses his friends over you?

Name calling, threats, emotional absence - are all forms of abuse.

How do you get your husband pregnant?

Answer: Males do not carry eggs after puberty unlike females. Which makes it impossible for a male to get pregnant. Plus males dont have female reproduction parts

Why are Hershey's kisses called kisses?

It's called a Hershey Kiss because the machine makes a "smooching" or "kissing" sound when an individual Hershey Kiss is made.

What makes friends friends?


Why is Hershey kisses called Hershey kisses?

It's called a Hershey Kiss because the machine makes a "smooching" or "kissing" sound when an individual Hershey Kiss is made.

What makes a girl a girl?

A girl is a female human. Lots of different things contribute to what makes her a girl. It varies from female to female.

When reffering to mixed male and female friends is it Mes amis or Mes amies?

Mes amis... even one male in the group makes it masculine :)

When the husband makes less than wife does the husband have to pay child support?


Your bf makes out by engulfing your lips in his how can you make your kisses better without hurting his feelings?

Talk to him about it.

Does o mean kisses?

No. It means hugs! I didnt knew either, but it makes sense tho...

Are Hershey's Kisses Are Named After The Machine That Makes Them Look Like Kissing The Conveyor Belt?


What makes a good wife?

A caring husband.