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The best thing you can do is get a lawyer and see what your options are for your state. You may be able to sue the company if they were neglagent.

2006-08-17 23:10:12
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Can my husband accept his retirement payout if he is on disability?

Your husband might can get his retirement pay when he is on his disability. This can depend on who he worked for.

If a husband that receives ssi disability and military disability dies what survivors benefits will the wife get?

Don't kill your husband! He's disable and is a veteran. What are you thinking?!

Can you claim disability benefit for cervical myelopathy?

My husband has this condition and we have applied for ss disability. We will update once we get an answer.

What can a wife get after ten years of marriage and the husband is on disability?


How do you file for disability for husband after he passed away?

Sorry, unless you are using the wrong terms in asking your question - death is not considered a disability, and your deceased husband would not be eligible for any DIASABILITY benefits.

Can a woman draw disability social security on her ex husband?


can a woman draw disability social security from her husband that is not on social security?

No. Benefits are paid by the state (to people entitled to them) not the husband.

My husband draws disability from social security when i retire how much will i get from his?

ZERO your husbands disability income has to do with his inability to work and has nothing to do with you in life or death.

Can aspouse draw disability of her husband?

You would have to check with the Social Security Administration for the answer.

Can a wife receive disability social security because her husband receives social security disability?

No, to receive social security disability you must be considered disabled under the social security's listing of impairments.

Does you ex-husband have to pay child support if he is on disability from veterans pay?


Do you have any rights from your disabled vet husband in a divorce from spousal support?

my ex-husband and I were married 20 years. Can I draw from his VA disability?

Can your husband receive your social security disability check if you die?

Not unless he hides the body in the closet

This past April my ex-husband pased away soon after being approved for disability my question is I was married from 1981 to 1991 could I draw a check from him even though I draw a disability?

If you mean that you received a check for disability destined to your husband who has passed away and you would like to cash it with saying anything to any one. No, I think that you will be breaking the law.

If your husband passes away can youcollect on his social security?

If you have kids, your kids should be able to.

Your husband gets social security disability he only gets 656.00 a month you are not able to work could he get ssi?

If he is under the age for retirement, disability is as good as it gets. You might apply for disability under your own name, but you would have to have enough quarters worked to qualify.

Can you get alimony if your husband only receives social security disability?

Alimony is awarded via a legal judgement. Disability is still considered income. You should Contact your attorney and apply for a garnishment of his wages or get a job.

my husband is already receiving disability but is up for his review. He has not gotten any better. They said they didn't receive enough information from his doctor's and are sending him to one of theirs will they cancel his disability.?

it depends on what their doctors report

Can you receive disability benefits from employer and a private DI policy?

We have a personal Disability Insureanc Policy for my husband. He is currently working on commission and is about to undergo knee replacement surgery. Can he get benefits from both his employer and our personal policy?

Do you lose your disability when you get married?

You don't lose your disability determination but it might affect your check amount. Example: Your spouse makes enough money to care for both of you; your check might be reduced or zero. Example: The husband is on full disability; a disabled wife's check might be cut drastically.

How do you get paperwork started on ex-husband He has a workmens comp case going?

You will need to go back to court and open up your divorce settlement. An attorney should be able to handle this for you. If this is already in your divorce, then you need to inform the court.

What age can ex wife receive benefits if the ex husband retires at age 50 on disability?

As soon as the husband begins collecting it, but the ex wife can only collect it if there is a standing court order pertaining to to.

Should my 63 year old husband coninue to carry disability insurance?

Does he still work? Is there an economic loss if he becomes disabled?

Can you draw SS disability off of an ex husband?

i live in mississippi and having neck and back problems and i draw from my husband's ss

Does your husband have to claim your workers compensation benefits on his tax return?

does my spouse have to claim my workers disability pension on his income tax return