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Of course it's water (H2O) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

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What electrons and hydrogen combine with oxygen and form water?

Two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom to form water.

Why does Oxygen and hydrogen combine?

This is due to the instability of oxygen and hydrogen atoms ..................... as oxygen needs two electrons while hydrogen has the ability to give electron , so therefore two hydrogen share there electrons with the oxygen atom , thus stabilizing it ...

The primary role of oxygen in cellular respiration is?

act as an acceptor for electrons and hydrogen, forming water.

The primary role of oxygen in cellular respiration is to?

act as an acceptor for electrons and hydrogen, forming water.

What do you get when you combine hydrogen with oxygen?

When you combine one Oxygen and one Hydrogen you get Hydroxide. If you combine one Oxygen with two hydrogens you will end up with water.

What does electrons have to do with chemical bonds?

Each element has shells of electrons and they are limited to how many can be shared in the outer shell. This lets us know what and how many atoms can combine with it. Hydrogen has the need for one electron in its outer shell. Oxygen has the need for two more electrons in its outer shell. Therefore, 2 hydrogen atoms can combine with oxygen.

What is the formula is the formula of hydrogen and oxygen?

Hydrogen contains one valence electron (one electron in its outer orbit) and oxygen contains six valence electrons, to become stable a element wants to have 8 electrons in its outer orbit. Therefore when hydrogen and oxygen combine, it will take 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen H2O

When hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water water is?

When hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, water is a product of the reaction.

What is the name of the compound oxygen and hydrogen can combine explosively to form?

The compound oxygen and hydrogen can combine explosively to form water.

The atoms of hydrogen and oxygen combine to form?

Hydrogen and oxygen can combine to form different products. By far the most common product of hydrogen and oxygen is water, H2O. However, hydrogen and oxygen can also form hydrogen peroxide, H2O2

When hydrogen and oxygen combine and form water water is?

hydrogen + oxygen = HO, hydroxide: hydrogen + oxygen + oxygen = H20, water

Can you get water from hydrogen?

You can get water from hydrogen if you combine the hydrogen with oxygen atoms.

In photosynthesis the source of electrons is?

The electrons come from water. In the light dependent stage water is split into hydrogen ions (H+), electrons and oxygen. The electrons are passed on to chlorophyll, the H+ ions combine with NADP to form NADPH and the oxygen is released.

How do hydrogen and oxygen combine-into water?

Through the process of a chemical reaction. The electrons pair and hold the two together.

Does water combine with hydrogen to make oxygen?

No. Hydrogen combines with oxygen to make water.

Does oxygen or hydrogen have more electrons?

An oxygen atom has eight electrons. A hydrogen atom only has one.

Do the hydrogen and oxygen atoms equally share their electrons?

No the hydrogen and oxygen atoms do not equally share their electrons. The oxygen atom has a greater electronegativity than the hydrogen atom, which means that the oxygen atom has a greater attraction for electrons than the hydrogen atom.

Which is true Electrons are less attracted to oxygen than hydrogen?

In a bond between oxygen and hydrogen the electrons are more attracted to oxygen.

What is a Water forming atom?

As water (H2O) contains both Hydrogen and Oxygen then logically Hydrogen and Oxygen must both be water forming atoms.

What does bonds hydrogen and oxygen?

The sharing of electrons is what bonds hydrogen and oxygen together.

What is polarity in a water molecule?

The oxygen and hydrogen in water are bonded by a covalent bond. This means that the two lone lone electrons of hydrogen are shared with oxygen. Oxygen has a tendency to "hoard" electrons. So when it bonds with the hydrogen the two shared electrons are closer to the oxygen than to the hydrogen. As a result one side of water(the one with the oxygen) becomes slightly negative due to the fact that the oxygen has the two electrons closer to it. The side of the hydrogen becomes slightly positive as a result. When two or more molecules of water are placed together the slightly negatively charged oxygen from one molecule attracts the slightly positively charged hydrogen from another molecule forming a weak hydrogen bond. this hydrogen bond is formed as a result of the polarity of water.

Oxygen and hydrogen helps to fire then why water prevent fire?

The electrons in the oxygen and hydrogen have a high amount of energy which is released when the oxygen and hydrogen combine to form water. The electrons are in a more stable set of bonds. The water then has no chance of bonding to decrease energy, so the water absorbs heat by cooling and boiling, so that the fire goes out.

How do atoms combine?

They combine by the elements combining. For example, to make H2O you have to combine hydrogen and oxygen.

Is hydrogen and oxygen a compound?

hydrogen and oxygen alone are elements, but they can combine to form the compound h2o (water)

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