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well one if your running a after market radio or subs its pulling to much power find a higher fuse that will fit in that spot but no more then 2X the one that came stock!!

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โˆ™ 2006-06-09 05:35:56
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Q: Hyundai 2003 accent audio fuse keeps blowing up what is causing this?
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What is the wiring diagram of a 2005 Honda accent factory audio system?

Honda do not make the Accent model, that is made by Hyundai, you'd probably have more hope getting an answer if you repost question as Hyundai Accent

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Why is your audio fuse blowing everytime you turn the car on?

A live wire in the audio circuit is touching metal, or connected to ground in some way.

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Where can i find Radio Wiring Diagrams for 2003 Hyundai sonata?

A unlok code for Hyundai car cassette model no h-817xd?

My hyundai car stereo model no. H-817XD with bar code no. EK40615578,can not turn on the audio.

How do you play an iPod in a Hyundai Santa Fe?

If you have the factory installed Monsoon stero, you cannot. Must must but a new stereo that has an audio jack.

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An audio cable alone can not cause a DELAY in the sound. We're not into answering test questions here. That is cheating. This question has been asked several times.

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Fuse called room fuse keeps blowing causing factory audio system factory alarm system key-less entry locks dome lights not to work in 2008 Mazda 6i. What do i do?

check your cig lighters for change stuck inside. That is the most common cause for fuses blowing. If that's not the problem, you have a short somewhere and the car should be taken directly to the dealer if you have a warranty. If you don't have a warranty you should take the car car to your local car stereo shop, not a best buy but a specialty store!! theyll be able to help

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I need the colors on the wires that is connected to audio controls on the steering wheel on a 2008 Santa fe

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Why does the 20 amp fuse for the audio amp keep blowing all factory in 1998 Nissan Quest?

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