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If the belts are new and tight then one of the driven accessories is having bearing trouble, try to track it down by listening to where the noise is coming from and then with the belt off turn the pulley checking for resistance or side to side play.

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How do you resolve a squealing accessory belts problem?

don't know what you are working on, but there is a silicon spray for belts its called a silicon belt dressing

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- Open the box underneath the dash left side and remove the fuse - 11/13/09: I am experiencing this problem now. I called a Hyundai Dealership Service Dept and they said to put key in ignition, turn it to the on position, wait one minute, then turn to off position and pull key out and this should resolve the problem. I have yet to test it, but will when I leave work. but at least this is something to try. !! - 12/10/09: Did the above and it worked on my 2006 Elantra.

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Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

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If the oxygen sensors for the 1991 Chevy 4.3 is running rich when it is warmed up it is best to have the sensors replaced. Once the sensors are replaced this should resolve the issue.

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discovered the catalytic converter was the issue. the converter was broken down and clogged. replaced and truck runs fine. Good report, thanks.

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