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Q: I'm 17 and I live in California I don't want to get emancipated but I don't want to live at home. What are my legal rights as a runaway?
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What are a 15-year-old legal runaway rights?

In the US, there are no 'runaway' rights.

What is the legal age to be emancipated in California?

The age of emancipation is 18 in California.

If you are 17 and live in new york but runaway to WA can you still be considered a runaway if there legal age is 17?

Yes, you are still a runaway, because to be emancipated, a judge must rule that you are emancipated. Otherwise you are not. Your parents must usually be part of the procedure.

How does emancipation affect juvenile rights?

Emancipation gives the legal rights of adulthood to the emancipated minor.

What is the legal age to move out in the state of California?

18; unless emancipated.

What are the legal rights of parents of emancipated minors?

There are no rights or responsibilities. The minor is now considered an adult capable of making their own decisions.

Can you runaway at 15?

Well... legally no. You could run away but then get in trouble with the police. Your parents or legal guardian can file you as a runaway and they may go searching for you. If you want to leave your parents/Guardians house you could get emancipated.

17-year-old emancipated female from Louisiana dating s 30-year old man and both go live in California is it legal because the female is emancipated?

Its legal because the female is ove 16.

If a married minor is emancipated who signs for legal consent in Ohio?

Legal consent for what? You are emancipated and decide for yourself.

If you are seventeen and live in California but run away to Ohio are you considered a runaway or are you legal?

Technically, you are a run-away, yes.

What legal rights do domestic partners have in California?

Parties to a statewide registered domestic partnership have the same legal rights and responsibilities as a legally married couple under California state law.

What is the legal runaway age in Ohio?

There is no legal runaway age in any state. At 18, you're an adult and you can leave without being a runaway.

What legal rights do 17 year olds have in Houston tx?

The age of majority in the state of Texas is 18. Unless declared an emancipated minor, anyone under 18 has no legal rights to property or anything else.

Can the parents do something if the 17 yr old legal age runaway is going through abuse?

If a minor is reported as a runaway the police will look after her and the people protecting and helping her will get into trouble for harboring a runaway. You say she's of legal age and with that I assume you mean moving out and that you then have given her permission. A minor can not move out without parental permission unless she is emancipated by the court. Legal age is 18 and you will be responsible for her until she is 18. Even if she move out. So unless she is emancipated by the court she is still a minor and abuse should be reported to the CPS and police. If you can't not go near they can ask her if she wants out.

Could i get emancipated if i get consent from my biological mother when i have a legal guardian?

Sorry, no. Your "guardian" has legal authority over you and in any case you have to have a court order granting you emancipation. No. your legal guardian has parental rights.

What does being emancipated mean?


Can a 16 year old make a will in California?

A minor cannot make out out a will or sign any legal document unless they have been emancipated.

What are a minor's legal rights in California?

Can à 17 year old move out

Are you legally competent if you are married or pregnant prior to age 18?

If married, you are considered emancipated and a legal adult. Pregnancy does not grant the rights of adulthood.

What are the rights of a minor that is abandon?

To get a legal guardian, a family to live with and to be supported by his parents. Being abandoned does not mean you are on your own or emancipated or that a judge will emancipate you.

Can a emancipated 15 yr old enter into a legal contract?

If she's emancipated, yes.

How do you get emancipated in Texas at age 17?

in Texas you are a legal adult at seventeen you don't have to get emancipated

Can a 16 year old living in Michigan legally runaway to live with his grandmother in California?

"running away" isn't legal period.

What are your legal rights when your teen does not come home?

Report them as runaway's and the police will look for them and bring them back if they find them. If they have stayed with someone and that person/family has tried to protect them and not sent them home, they can be charged for harboring a runaway.

Is moving out at 17 legal?

Yes, if you are emancipated.