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I'm not completely sure how this question is supposed to be worded, but I had my belly button pierced at 14 and had a child at 17. I took the jewelry out when I was pregnant til about a month ago, my daughters 15 months, so I had it out for awhile. But the hole DID stretch, and when you're pregnant your belly button pushes more inwards. Or it's deeper.

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2009-04-08 00:50:29
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Q: I'm 17 and you have your belly button pierced so when you have kids it wont stretch the hole?
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How big is the hole you get when your belly button is pierced?

As big as your belly button.

Do you get a scar after your belly button is pierced for 5 years?

Yes but it would only be the size of the pierced hole.

Does being pregnant actually stretch your belly button piercing?

It may not stretch the hole, but it often does cause stretch marks from the scar if it is already closed.

Can you have your belly button pierced at 14?

It depends. In many states, you must be at least 16 to get your belly button pierced. One word of warning: if it becomes infected or you decide you're sick of it later on and take it out, the hole never goes away.

What is this hole on your belly?

belly button..

If you get your belly button pierced and take it out will it leave a hole?

The simple answer is "Yes" it will leave a hole, which will shrink down in size over time, however it will not completely disappear.

How long does a belly button hole take to close?

Your belly button does not close. You are stuck with it for life.

What does your belly button look like?

A hole

Is it normal for either the entry or the exit hole on a newly pierced belly button to scab?

yes. just soak it with a saline solution to remove it. DON'T pick at the scab.

Do you have to have your ears pierced to have them streched?

Seriously. Think about what you are asking. How would you stretch a hole that doesn't exist? OF COURSE THEY HAVE TO BE PIERCED. Please do more research before you actually stretch your ears.

Does your belly button get closed when your pregnant?

When you get pregnant, most care providers recommend removing your belly button ring. Even women who don't remove their rings report that belly button rings itch and pull as the belly stretches around the fifth or sixth month. There is also the risk of infection if the belly button ring scratches you or opens a small wound. If you do take out your belly button ring, the piercing hole will probably close, requiring you to re-pierce your belly button after having your baby. However, if you don't want to take out your belly button ring you may want to purchase a non-metal pregnancy piercing ring. These are flexible and two inches long to accommodate your growing belly. Pregnant women claim that this product allows them to keep their bellies pierced without the discomfort of other belly button piercing.

Can you get your belly button repierced in the same hole?

Yes, most piercers will. Others will require that you get it done at a larger gauge to remove the scar tissue. Keep in mind that generally it is more painful to get pierced through scar tissue.

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