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I've been treated with Dexamphetamine in Australia since i was 14 and I'm 29 currently. What i want to know is if Adderall only available in us has any added benefits that Dexamphetamine if so what?



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First off, know that most molecules (drug or otherwise) exist in two forms, which can be considered akin to "right-handed" and "left-handed" versions. For most drugs, there is little if any significant difference between the two forms. When it comes to amphetamine, the right-handed version (dextroamphetamine or (d)-amp) has been associated with the "positive" side effects: increased stamina/concentration, reduced appetite, etc. The left-handed version (levoamphetamine or (l)-amp) tends to be associated with the negative side effects: agitation, withdrawal, nausea at higher doses, etc. That said, both forms act as central nervous system stimulants and their differences may not be functionally significant in all people. Dexedrine™ is strictly the right-handed isomer of amphetamine. Adderall™ is a mixture of amphetamine salts, with an overall 3:1 ratio between right- and left-handed molecules. In conclusion, you're not likely to experience any significant benefits from Adderall™.