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Remember as you lose weight you have to eat less and exercise more because your body burns less calories when you exercise and requires less calories to maintain its weight. You should use a calorie calculator such as this one to estimate how many calories your body requires. It also will estimate the amount of carbs, protein, and fat you require.

2007-06-22 22:16:13
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It depends on what you eat. If you ate nothing but vegetables and no fat or carbs, you will lose weight because vegetables are very low in calories. If you do not lose weight, you are consuming higher calorie foods.

How long would it take to loss 100 pounds in 4 moths if you havent loss any weight?

u would have to loss 25 pounds a mouth which is 87,500 calories a mouth u would have to loss 25 pounds a month which is 87,500 calories a month

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Do you take protein shakes before or after a workout?

Yes you take protein before a work out to build muscle. Then you take protein after a workout to recover you muscle.You can take a shake in the morning with your breakfast and after the workout. Never drink a shake prior to working out, unless you want to burp it back out and potentially vomit all over the gym. After a hard workout (like compounds), your body wants to restore, which is the best time for carbs and protein to take in. after working out (if you havent had dinner yet), have a nice dinner with a good glass of milk, have a healthy high protein snack before going to bed and rest at least 8 hours.

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How much weight can you lose at 800 calories a day in 3 weeks you are getting married and need to look good you havent any time to work out?

It depends on your maintenance calories. If your maintenance calories are around 1200-1600, not much at all. Especially if you don't have any time to work out. You might be able to lose 3 or 4 pounds, if your maintenance is a little higher. Typically, the optimum weight loss from undereating and exercising (in order to lose fat and not lose muscle) is about 1.5lbs.

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