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I'm in the market for a 300 guitar pack and I've played piano for 5 years and i know the guitar theory I've looked at Yamaha ibanez and others but friends say squires are bad help?


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February 18, 2009 6:48AM

Depends on what kind of a guitar you want to play....Straight up, though, your friends are right...I wouldn't recommend a Squire. They are the cheap version of the Strat and hardly ever stay in tune. If you seek an acoustic only guitar, then check out both brands. But if it's electric you're after, look into the Ibanez line; they make a solid product for the buck. If you can shell out a little more coin I'd go with a Schecter...they are excellent for the money...and search for a little amp on craigslist or something to get you by for now. Bottom Line: Go to your local guitar shop(s) and sit down for a while to play whatever you think you want.....then go with the sound you like best and that fits your intended style of music. Enjoy.......