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You should go see an OBGYN.

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Q: I've taken 2 pregnancy tests and they came back positive I've had light abdominal cramping but more intense cramping in my ovary areas What does this mean?
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What are the side effects of olestra?

According to P&G, the side effects are "abdominal cramping and loose stools". According to consumers who have tried the products, the side effects include severe diarrhea and intense abdominal pain and gastrointestinal distress. It is NOT worth trying this product!

What are some pregnancy pains a woman may receive during the first trimester of her pregnancy?

Each woman's body reacts differently to pregnancy. Even the same woman can experience completely different symptoms from one pregnancy to the next. You may experience one or more of the following: dull pain, slight cramping, fatigue, breast tenderness, and morning sickness. However, if you feel intense and constant abdominal pain or cramming see a doctor immediately.

How intense is the pain from implantation cramping?

It shouldn't be too painful

What is the cause of intense cramping?

Cramping can have various causes. Menstruation, a tight belt, foods that produce gas in the intestines, unsuitable foods, adhesions in the intestines after an operation can all cause cramping. ./Brian W

What uses does potassium have?

its used in the body as an 'electrolyte' it helps the muscles from cramping during intense exercise.

Abdominal pain after methotrexate injection for ectopic pregnancy?

i experienced intense gastrointestinal pain after the treatment. That is listed as a common side effect, and will go away fairly soon, if it is a gas-like stomach pain.

What signs and symptoms might you see in internal abdominal bleeding What would you do?

Flushed face, sweating, heavy breathing and intense abdominal pain. Go to a hospital.

What are the symptoms of fibroids?

Usually there are no symptoms, but sometimes women over 40 will experience very irregular periods--my mother has fibroid tumors and her periods can last longer than a month and she'll have three month gaps between periods--intense cramping when having their period and intense cramping just before.

When will you know you have ectopic pregnancy?

I had an ectopic pregnancy. There are many symptoms, like intense cramping (lasting for hours) and red spotting. Many doctors may diagnose this as an oncoming miscarriage (mine did), but if it is indeed ectopic...this could be potentially life-threatening if left alone. Insist on getting an ultrasound to confirm the location of the fetus. That is the only way to confirm.

You have intense drills for your unit will it affect your pregnancy?

suggest you advise your C.O. of your condition..............

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General elections are usually less intense and more positive.?


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