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I can't find the headphones I need?

they were as if knitted from thread

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maybe it's RPT-01, look here ht tp s :// / XCveGg

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All wireless headphones do need batteries.

you cant but if you get someone to mix the wirse then you can

You should turn your headphones on then. :/

Computers do not need to 'register' headphones for the headphones to work. If the plug side of the headphones fits into a port side on the computer then problem solved. You may need to get different headphones (earbuds) if the plug on the earphones is too large for the available ports on the computer

Yes, you need a DJ headphones to DJ effectively. A DJ headphones is used to listen to the next song that a DJ will play. It is important because a DJ need to beat match and time the transition flawlessly and in order to do that a DJ needs a DJ headphones.

You cant. You need to find it.

No, the music will play from the speakers if you do not use headphones.

You need to open the headphone and fix the hanging wires to fix the headphones.

You can go to the wholesale website to search for headphones with skulls, or go to FashionTIY, there are different types of headphones.

you can buy BEATS HEADPHONES by going to a WAL-MART near you

Most wireless headphones will have batteries so no they wont need charging unless you have rechargeable batteries

"The program allows the user to change speech to text. You do not need headphones to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking. However, if you do not use headphones it will require you to use a microphone."

i cant find it! i need it to my homework >_<

you cant find it wild you need to evolve metang

you cant because you need to catch it.

You have holes - sockets - at the side or at the front of your laptop and you simply plug the headphones in where there is a picture of some headphones. Theres no neeed to install them, well you cant, you just plug them in and most of the time the socket you need to plug it into is the green one. Then you can listen and unless the volume is down, pretty much all headphones are compatible with everything!

if you cant find it then maybe you don't need to be looking for it

u cant find it u need hacks for it

Any regular headphones with 1/4" jack adapter

Either: A. You have a bad set of headphones or B. Your headphones are not plugged in all the way or C. Your settings are messed up on the ml3 player

you cant find it you need to catch a chansey that is holding it

you cant you need to trade it from LG/FR

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