I can't understand the lyrics of this song called "Bring my car I feel to smash it"?

Recently, I've got to know a song called "Bring my car I feel to smash it" by The Sea And Cakes, and I'm trying to figure out the meaning of the lyrics. However, I don't understand the meaning at all. Can someone please tell me what it means?γ€€At least the first five lines. Bring my car I feel to smash it I'm salted and used so you try me The stately soul, a lovely tonic And near the river's mouth We are so crown dead what is the meaning of "smash it", "salted and used" and "crown dead"? If possible, I would be greatful if you could tell me the meaning of the whole song. I'm in over my head.

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Q: I can't understand the lyrics of this song called "Bring my car I feel to smash it"?
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