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Q: I want to know Plural form of double vowels ending words?
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Words with double vowels ending in y?


List plural words ending in double i?

radii (plural of radius) denarii (plural of denarius, a small silver Roman coin)

When do you double the s for plural words ending in s?

For an English plural, the answer is never. Some words ending in the letter 's' are made plural by adding 'es', such as one bus, two buses or one class, two classes.

Words with double vowels?

greatneatereaterbeanSeanyearnearlyteaserbeaterleavershear aadvarkbeetlebeebeenbeerbeechbookboomboonboothboocookcoolcooncoopdeepdeerdeedeeriefleefreefloodgleegoodgreetheedheelhoothoodigloojeepkeepkeenkeelmeetmoodmoonnoonpoolpeepqueenreedrootreefseesoontooteethtoothtootteenunfeelingveerwoolweekweedzooneew

What is the plural of borrador?

borradores Words that end in consonants add -es to be made plural; words that end in vowels add -s.

What words have double vowels-at-the-end?


Any 5 letter words ending in b with a vowels?


Why do you add only -S or ies after plural?

This is not strictly true, as words could also have -i, or -es, or if it has a double vowel in the word, these might change to another double vowel or two different vowels.

What are some plural words ending with ves?

This is a list of 5 plural words ending in '-ves':wife > wivescalf > calvesknife > knivesshelf > shelvesself > selves

Find two syllable words with double vowels?

Feedback and goodness.

How do you make words ending in is plural?

you add es

What are plural words ending in ren?

children brethren

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