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Mis-stamped can mean alot of things -- from a coin that is slightly off-center, a coin that is missing letters due to a foreign substance in the die, or other common striking errors that are not worth much -- to rare doubled die errors, off-metal errors, and other rarities worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. Without knowing exactly what kind of "mis-stamped" error you have, it would only be blowing air up your skirt to give you an estimated value.

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If you mean the American penny, the religion represented is Christianity - represented through the words 'IN GOD WE TRUST'.

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What does a 1958 double die wheat penny look like?

It has doubling in liberty and in god we trust and there only 2 unowned

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What words are on a penny?

US cents: In God We Trust, One Cent, Liberty, United States of America, E Pluribus UnumBritish pennies: 1 New Penny, Elizabeth II D.G. Reg. F.D.

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What does In God We Trust mean and when was it written on the penny?

It means we trust God. The motto was first used on 2ยข pieces in 1864. However it was not put on the 1ยข coin until 1909 when the current Lincoln obverse was introduced.

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What is doubling stamp on a 1969s penny?

If I understand this question, the date, LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST clearly show doubling on the 1969-S double-die.

What is the Meaning of the back of the penny?

Which penny are you referring to? WikiAnswers is international, so make sure you specify if it's a U.S. penny, a Canadian penny, a British penny... I have a U.S. Cent which is commonly referred to as a penny. On one side, it has Lincoln's head. Above him, "IN GOD WE TRUST," to his back, "LIBERTY," and to his front, "1999 D." On the flipside is the Lincoln Memorial. Above it is "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "E PLURIBUS UNUM" (Latin, meaning "Out of Many, One"), and below it is ONE CENT. I don't have access to any other countries' pennies at the moment.

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