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IF DNA is labeled radioactive and allowed to replicate how much radioactivity in newly synthesized DNA

What describes the structure of a DNA molecule

What does the adenine in a DNA do

How are bacteria similar to and different from viruses

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IF DNA is labeled radioactive and allowed to replicate how much radioactivity in newly synthesized DNA

What describes the structure of a DNA molecule

Where does the rhinovirus come from to begin with

How mutations are corrected

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IF DNA is labeled radioactive and allowed to replicate how much radioactivity in newly synthesized DNA

What describes the structure of a DNA molecule

Where does the rhinovirus come from to begin with

What does PCR allow you to do with DNA

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Q: IF DNA is labeled radioactive and allowed to replicate how much radioactivity in newly synthesized DNA?
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In a second experiment mice were allowed to breathe oxygen gas O2 laced with radioactive oxygen in this experiment the radioactive oxygen atoms quickly showed up in?


How would three radioactive samples affect you if you were allowed to handle it?

It depends upon what the radioactive samples are. If you handle a glow-in-the-dark wristwatch, then there will be no observable effects. If you handle a 'hot' piece of Cesium, say, you could lose your arm.

Marie curie and Pierre curie how did they help the medicine industry?

Their discoveries of the elements that produce radiation allowed for the medical practices of using radioactivity to treat cancer. Some of these practices, for example placing radioactive 'seeds' near cancerous growths are still practiced today. Marie Curie also invented portable X-Ray machines she took into the battlefields of WWI to help locate shrapnel and bullets in injured soldiers.

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If you are claiming it as your own choreography then no. Shows of that nature are subject to copyright and may require permission to use or replicate aspects of the show.

What is food preservation by irradiation method?

Food is irradiated by a radioactive isotope to kill microscopic organisms or insects that can cause spoilage. This is presently allowed in only 50 countries worldwide.

How did Hershey and chase show that DNA was the molecule that carried the genetic code?

Hershey (you know, Alfred Hershy) and Chase (you know again, Martha Chase) did some experiments with Bacteriophages (you know, viruses that affect Bacteria). What they did in the experiment was that, they grew some of these Bacteriophages on a medium which contained radioactive Sulphus(S)(remember, radioactivity can be detected easily). Then, they also took some other Bacteriophages. But, they were grown on radioactive Phosphorur(P)..... (Don't 4get(that's forget)), DNA also has Phosphorus in it (DNA = Nitrogen bases + Pentose sugar + Phosphorus). Now, back to the experiment ------ The Bacteriophages that were grown on radioactive Phosphorus contained radioactive DNA. But they didn't have any radioactive protein coat. (remember viruses have a protein coat covering their DNA?) Then, bacteriophages (please call them B from now, but not in the exams), which were grown in S (radioactive sulphur, remember?), had a radioactive protein coat (protien coats are made up of sulphur and some other elements), but no radioactive DNA........ That was the first part....................... Now, the next one.......................... Radioactive B's, from both P and S were allowed to attach to E.coli (Esterichia coli) bacteria as an attack (or infection). After infection, The protein coats were removed by agitating (stirring real fast) in a blender (they're still not removed). Then, these virus particles (protein coats) wer removed by centrifugation (using centrifugal machine). Then, the third big step....................................… The observation part....................................… It was observed that, some bacteria were radioactive and many were not. Also, it was observed that, bacteria which were attacked by B (Bacteriophage) having radioactive DNA were the ones which were radioactive..... Also that, bacteria which were attacked by B having S weren't radioactive...... So, it lead to the point that proteins didn't pass into bacteria, but it was the DNA that did...... So, DNA was concluded to be the genetic material...... Viruses were chosen because they only had genetic meterial & coat This is from yahoo anwsers btw

What did the pulse-chase experiments allow Palade to observe?

It allowed him to see the pathway of protein secretion from the rough ER to the golgi apparatus via vesicles to the nuclear membrane via vesicles, and then out of the cell. He was able to see it by staining radioactive proteins and looking at them at different times after the injection of the radioactive amino acid occured to see where the proteins were.

Why aren't the Muslims allowed to see their god?

because Allah is supreme human can't affort the holy light of Allah and will be distroyed there are many things we cannot see for ex: radioactivity that we cannot see it but it can even kill us

Why is DNA important to the origin of life?

DNA's ability to "self"-replicate allowed life to continue from the first cell through each organism's every cellular-division (mitosis/meiosis) up until present day life. It can be though of as a torch like at the Olympics (except for real) where the flame never goes out, just allowed to ignite more and more flames. But it's still the original flame, never had to be lit a second time!

What situations are modeled by exponential functions?

Some examples include: * Growth of populations, under certain circumstances * Radioactive decay * In quantum physics, the probability of finding a particle at a specific point * The temperature of an object, when it is allowed to cool down * The charge on a capacitor which is allowed to discharge

Does the land get damaged after a nuclear explosion?

Yes, If the explosion is on or above the surface of the earth the immediate area is subjected to intense heat and will melt into glass. Also the explosion will disperse radioactive products into the air and this plume will settle out in time polluting the land where it falls. When the explosion is subterranean (the only type allowed once the damage of surface testing was obvious) then the distributed radioactive pollution problem is mitigated but the explosion hollows out a chamber under the ground and causes a pockmark depression above the test site. The earth is big these, these pockmarks are not serious but problems could occur were groundwater to seep through the test area (a risk that is enhance due to the fracturing caused by the explosion) and carry radioactivity to other places. All in all it is best not to test bombs, if you must then use a computer to simulate/model the explosion rather then setting a bomb off.

Who first notice high levels of radioactivity chernobyl?

Bearing in mind that in 1986 the Soviet bloc was still closed to reporting to the outside world, I think the first news on the world's free press came from Sweden, but I am sure it was also noticed in parts of Russia, and also in Poland, they just weren't allowed to report it.

Were can you buy a uranium pellet that they use at nuclear power plants?

There is no open market in these things, they are made by commercial companies for forming fuel rods. New pellets are only slightly radioactive, but I'm sure you would have to be a licensed person or establishment to be allowed to have one, and you would be responsible for its safe keeping. If you are a college or university, contact the licensing authority in your country, but otherwise I think there is very little chance you would be allowed to have one.

Is the wunderwaffe a real gun?

In all seriousness, yes the gun did exist and it did run off of a radioactive material that often killed the user, but it did not fire bolts of electricity. It was simply an stg 44 with a sight powed by the material in the backpack that the user had to use. This sight allowed the user to see in the dark.

Is radioactive waste and nuclear waste the same thing?

No, nuclear waste and radioactive waste are not supposed to be synonymous, even if the media attempts to show them in the same light. See these from the NRC's website. Radioactive waste is a grouping containing low level waste, something which could be harmful to humans more in theory (as in contaminated shoe covers), and high level waste, which (is nuclear waste, reprocessed waste, and other things) will easily kill you. Nuclear waste is a sub-group of Radioactive waste. So a truck spill of radioactive waste on a high-way might just be spent latex doctors gloves.= Low-Level Waste = Low-level waste includes items that have become contaminated with radioactive material or have become radioactive through exposure to neutron radiation. This waste typically consists of contaminated protective shoe covers and clothing, wiping rags, mops, filters, reactor water treatment residues, equipments and tools, luminous dials, medical tubes, swabs, injection needles, syringes, and laboratory animal carcasses and tissues. The radioactivity can range from just above background levels found in nature to very highly radioactive in certain cases such as parts from inside the reactor vessel in a nuclear power plant. Low-level waste is typically stored on-site by licensees, either until it has decayed away and can be disposed of as ordinary trash, or until amounts are large enough for shipment to a low-level waste disposal site in containers approved by the Department of Transportation.= High-Level Waste = High-level radioactive wastes are the highly radioactive materials produced as a byproduct of the reactions that occur inside nuclear reactors. High-level wastes take one of two forms: * Spent (used) reactor fuel when it is accepted for disposal * Waste materials remaining after spent fuel is reprocessed Spent nuclear fuel is used fuel from a reactor that is no longer efficient in creating electricity, because its fission process has slowed. However, it is still thermally hot, highly radioactive, and potentially harmful. Until a permanent disposal repository for spent nuclear fuel is built, licensees must safely store this fuel at their reactors. Reprocessing extracts isotopes from spent fuel that can be used again as reactor fuel. Commercial reprocessing is currently not practiced in the United States, although it has been allowed in the past. However, significant quantities of high-level radioactive waste are produced by the defense reprocessing programs at Department of Energy (DOE) facilities, such as Hanford, Washington, and Savannah River, South Carolina, and by commercial reprocessing operations at West Valley, New York. These wastes, which are generally managed by DOE, are not regulated by NRC. However they must be included in any high-level radioactive waste disposal plans, along with all high-level waste from spent reactor fuel. Because of their highly radioactive fission products, high-level waste and spent fuel must be handled and stored with care. Since the only way radioactive waste finally becomes harmless is through decay, which for high-level wastes can take hundreds of thousands of years, the wastes must be stored and finally disposed of in a way that provides adequate protection of the public for a very long time.

Where can you buy promethium?

Natural promethium is exceedingly scarce, it is typically synthesized in a nuclear reactor by bombarding uranium-235 (enriched uranium) with thermal neutrons to produce promethium-147, which has a halflife of 2.6234 years. When promethium is needed it is usually synthesized, separated, and prepared in the buyer's desired chemical form just for that order. It is not kept in stock because it would likely decay significantly between manufacture and shipment. Only licenced industrial and research facilities are allowed to submit orders for promethium, not individuals. Currently, Russia is the only country producing promethium-147 on a relatively large scale.

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Describe the experimental design that allowed Hershey and Chase to distinguish between the two options for genetic material?

Hershey and Chase knew that the particular phage they worked with has two basic components: DNA on the inside, coated with protein on the outside. In their expt theylabelled phages with radioisotopes . For one batch of infecting phages, they used a radioactive isotope of sulfur to label only the phages' protein coats.In another batch of phages, they used a radioactive isotope of phosphorus to label only DNA. Next, they allowed each batch of phages to infect separate cultures of nonradioactive bacterial cells. They then whirled each culture in a blender to shake loose any parts of the phages that remained outside the bacterial cells. Result of expt. confirmed that only DNA of phage entered bacteria .

What provides the energy for the earth?

Earth's surface energy budget is 99.96% from the Sun and 0.04% from heat conducted from geothermal activity. Below the earth's surface, the energy allowed for the creation of magnetic field and seismic activity is from the heat and motion of the nuclear fission energy inside the core where most of heavier radioactive element is there.

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