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IF the wife gets into credit card debt and has had judgments against her and the business that they owned is in both of there names can they put a lien on that property?

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February 09, 2018 7:09PM

If she was authorized to sign for debt on behalf of the business

then the creditor may be successful if it can prove that in court.

The answer also depends on how the property is titled and how the

business has been set up. You haven't provided enough detail.

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May 30, 2007 12:11PM

Doesn't it have to do with the laws of the state? In Mo the

state is Tenants by the Entirety meaning the husband owns 100% and

the wife owns 100% interest, therefore the property is judgment

proof if only one spouse has the judgment against them. Prperty can

be titled TBE if you live in astste that does not have the same

laws as Mo. Probably a lien could be placed on her half of the

property but not his if there are no Tenant By the Entirety laws or

not set up that way. Not sure about this, but it also seems as if

debt collection attorneys and judges don't care about what the law

says anyhow. I had a judgment go against me from American

Express(supposedly) and I took them to the appellate court (wrong

venue - should have gone the Fed Court for all their FDA

violations- couldn't afford an attorney and did not know what I was

doing) judgment was sustained and now I am being hauled back to

court to be interrogated for their belief I am hiding property

because they couldn't find anything ( might be because I am broke

as is my husband and we don't have anything) Was threatened with

"possible arrest" if I don't show since I am being accused of fraud

now! Scumbag debt collection attorneys - I live in Mo.

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