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Yes. If you are busy you may not notice them. They don't hurt and are not very co-ordinated so you may not notice. Also if you have a very active baby you may mistake them for movements. You may begin to notice them more in the next 2 or 3 weeks as your uterus prepares for labor.

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Can constipation cause me to have braxton hicks?

Yep, I also notice that if I am busting for a wee I get some.

When was John Braxton Hicks born?

John Braxton Hicks was born in 1823.

When did John Braxton Hicks die?

John Braxton Hicks died in 1897.

How did name of Braxton Hicks come from?

Braxton Hicks contractions come from a Doctor named John Braxton Hicks. He was the first doctor to ever describe what these type of contractions were. This was back in the mid-late 1800s.

How long to you get braxton hicks for before they turn into real contractions?

you can have braxton hicks for a long time weeks or months there is no way to tell

How can you tell the difference between braxton hicks contractions and real contractions?

How can you tell the difference between braxton hicks contractions and real contractions?

Is braxton hicks contraction is a first rue labor pain?

NO because braxton hicks is just a temporary contraction, not increasing in frequency and interval.

Why do braxton hicks contractions hicks occur?

Strengthens the uterus for the big day

Is it normal at 34 weeks pregnant to have like a period pain?

It could be contractions or it could be false contractions (Braxton Hicks)

12 bh stands for what?

Braxton Hicks

Does braxton hicks mean that you are about to go into labor?


How soon can you be having braxton hicks contractions?

Braxton Hicks contractions start about 6 weeks but normally are not felt until the second or third trimester.

7 weeks pregnant with braxton hicks contractions?

You really need to speak to your doctor or midwife ASAP, because Braxton Hicks at 7 weeks is not normal

What do braxton hicks contractions indicate?

False Labor

Where do you feel braxton hicks contractions?

you feel them in your uterus

Is it normal to have braxton hicks contractions early as four mths during pregnancy?

Np. It is not normal to have braxton hicks contractions as early as four months during pregnancy.

What are pains in the groin a sign of in pregnancy?

Small achy type pains could be small contractions called braxton-hicks.

How many braxton hicks can you have in a hour?

Braxton Hicks can be quite regular and can come 5 or 10 minutes apart but they are not making changes in the cervix. The easiest way to tell Braxton Hicks from true labor is to drink a glass of water or juice, and change your activity. If walking, lie down - if lying down, take a walk. Labor will not stop when you move around or stop what you are doing, Braxton Hicks generally will. If you are having regular contractions it is best to call your doctor or hospital for an evaluation - many women have quite painful Braxton Hick's and many women have very little pain from early contractions that could signal early labor.

Are braxton hicks like a period pain?

yes a bit

Does either braxton hicks or real contractions cause you to dialate or are they not related?

I did not have any contractions and I was dialated to a 2. Braxton hicks do not normally make you dialate. Real contractions do make you dialatel

What are Braxton Hicks contractions?

Braxton Hicks contractions are intermittent weak contractions of a woman's uterus that occur during pregnancy. One can learn more about these contractions on the web at Baby Center.

Is it a bad thing if you are 25 weeks pregnant and your having braxton hicks?


Is braxton hicks contractions are the first true labor pains?


Is it possible for contractions to mainly be felt in your lower abdomen?

I am pregnant with my 4th child (29 weeks) and this is the only place I felt them, especially the Braxton/Hicks contractions.

Can you have cramps while pregnant?

You can and they may be a form of contraction known as braxton hicks.