Celebrity Sexual Orientation


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What is the area of Ugny-le-Gay?

The area of Ugny-le-Gay is 5,900,000.0 square meters.

When did John Le Gay Brereton die?

John Le Gay Brereton died in 1933.

When was John Le Gay Brereton born?

John Le Gay Brereton was born in 1871.

Simon Le Bon gay?


Is Mat Le Blanc gay?


Is kesha bi or gay?

ke$sha is bi kin her interview she sed it. is is not bi ok

What has the author Jing Fu Qiao written?

Jing Fu Qiao has written: 'Huan guo zhi ren' 'Sha chan--kong bu le yuan' 'Sha chan'

Is plan b gay?

Yes, He Is Gay.

The quotient of 16 and b is at most 4?

16/b .LE. 4 {the .LE. means less than or equal to, I think it's from FORTRAN, but cannot recall for sure off hand}So 16/b .LE. 4 --> multiply by b: 16 .LE. 4*b --> divide by 4: 4 .LE. b, so: b is greater than or equal to 4

Is graham le saux gay?


What has the author John Le Gay Brereton written?

John Le Gay Brereton has written: 'Shakespeare's Richard the Second' 'Writings on Elizabethan drama'

Who is Audrey le?

A person who is not a gay and lesbian :) She is also awesomethe person who put her as a gay lesbian is a gay lesbian

What are facts about le louvre?

Le louvre is cool and tommy isnt! he is a gay poof

Is it pronounced 'Keh-sha' or 'Kee-sha'?

its KE-SHA

What has the author Theodore Le Gay Burley written?

Theodore Le Gay Burley has written: 'Playhouses and players of East Anglia' -- subject(s): Theater

What has the author B Le Stourgeon written?

B. Le Stourgeon has written: 'A compleat universal history'

Is Jerome Le Banner gay?

I think that he could be gay that's just an impression I haven't proves about it

Why is corde broadus in love with you Sha Sha?

He doesnt like Sha Sha someone made that up

What has the author Robert B Le Page written?

Robert B. Le Page has written: 'The national language question'

What has the author B Le Poer Trench written?

B. Le Poer Trench has written: 'The flying saucer story'

Is Simon le bon gay?

at times he was too hetero ;)

Where is the gay district of Paris?

near Le Centre Pompidou

Is max gail gay?

No he is hot gay b ut straight

What is the song that goes sha sha sha everybody?

Shots - LMFAO

Is Quinn B. Gay?

Yes. Very, very gay. He is so gay its not even funny.