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It depends on what you are going to download. If you are going to use uTorrent to get lots of copyrighted music and movies, then yes it is illegal. There is also material that can be download on uTorrent that is non-copyright, so it would be legal in that case because you are given permission to download it.
No it is not illegal to use. Downloading certain files may be.

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โˆ™ 2011-12-26 23:38:06
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Q: IS UTorrent illegal
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Is it illegal to get Gmod 10 free using utorrent and isohunt?


Is it illegal to use utorrent to download music?

Utorrent is legal but downloading copyrighted music without paying isn't. If you pay first, then it's legal.

Is utorrent safer than LimeWire are you more likely to get caught with LimeWire or utorrent?

Depends on what you're looking for. P2P downloads tend to be illegal due to copyright issues; most downloads on Limewire are more likely to be monitored than those from uTorrent.

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Is a u torrent download legal in the United States?

Downloading uTorrent the program is legal in the United States. However, if one downloads pirated content using uTorrent, then it is considered an illegal download.

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How do you fix utorrent?

Reinstall Utorrent

Which is faster utorrent or bittorrent?


How do you download obsessed the movie?

Try using a torrent like Utorrent. I don't want to go any deeper for this is illegal.

Is utorrent safe?

utorrent is trash and not safe at all

How do you download UTorrent?

You go to the uTorrent website to download the uTorrent program:

Why doesn't Utorrent open my torrent files?

utorrent dont not open your torrent utorrent only let you shar your torrent

Can utorrent save a downloading file if utorrent is turned off?

If uTorrent is completely closed and the computer is shut down, no it cannot. uTorrent can however, save your progress downloading a file once you close it.

Are there any websites besides LimeWire were you can download music for free?

ITS ILLEGAL but yes isohunt, mini nova or any torrent site using utorrent

Where is the best place to download the uTorrent client?

The best place to download uTorrent is from This is the official uTorrent website, and will have betas and the latest editions.

What is utorrent?

Utorrent is a torrent downloading software. it's free and is one of the best out their.

What site can you get utorrent download without getting virus?

At the Utorrent or Bittorrent website

How do you open a game using uTorrent?

You cannot open a game using uTorrent. uTorrent is a tracking software for torrents. It only downloads software or games. In order to open a game torrent file within utorrent, simply open uTorrent, go to file, and select open torrent. Find the torrent and open it.

Is there a charge for using the Utorrent service?

Some utorrent services are free while other places charge you to download it and use it. It all depends on where you can get utorrent from and what version it is.

How can i get utorrent program?

to download files using utorrent heres some links and my fav. ------------ to download the program utorrent, just GOOGLE IT!!

Can you use utorrent to download video games?

Yes, but it is illegal to download licensed material without consent of the company that created the game. It is piracy, the same as downloading music for free from Kazaa.

Do utorrent have virus?


Is there an app for utorrent?


How do you change the max downloadable file size on utorrent?

there is no limit on max downloadable file size in utorrent

Why do your utorrent downloads appear to be capped?

Your utorrent downloads may appear to be capped because of you Internet speed.