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You can take him to samll claims court and say that you assumed it was a refundable deposit, and he'll say that it was a non-refundable security. A judge will flip a coin an decide to believe one of you. Either way, you've learned that when it comes to money, never assume anything.

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Can a vehicle be returned to a dealer within 30 days of purchase?

That will depend on the state and local laws, the purchase agreement, and the dealer itself.That will depend on the state and local laws, the purchase agreement, and the dealer itself.

Once you have a signed contract from a dealer can the dealer go back on his word?

Once you and the dealer have signed the contract, it is a binding contract agreement and it responsible by law. You can take him to court if he doesn't keep his part of the agreement.

How much is a Britannia 1797 worth in very good condition?

it is worth 4,500 dollars to be exact. i have a 1799 one and a coin dealer offerd me 4,000 dollars but i would wait a few more years for a few more hundred dollars!

How much on average are new BMW auto parts?

they can range depending on the dealer your working with. ranging from fifty dollars to six hundred dollars or more it really depends on who your shopping with and how much your willing to look around.

How long do you have to return a motorcycle to the dealer?

depends on your contract agreement and if it was under warranty. most likely you can return it if you talk to the dealer.

Are All Franchises Entitled For SBA Financing?

Small business administration requires overview of a franchise agreement, license agreement, membership agreement, co-op agreement, dealer agreement, jobber, or similar agreement to find out if the affiliation is available that will disqualify you in the program.

Where can you dispose of Kennedy silver dollars and Half dollars?

Take the to the bank or to a coin dealer.

In Texas how long do you have to return a used car to the dealer?

Look at your rental agreement. It spells it out.

What is a fair profit margin on used car?

A fair profit margin on a used car is up to five hundred dollars above the base price. You can look in Kelley blue book for the private and dealer price.

Is it possible to back out from a car contract if the dealer promises to fix the blemishes and then dosent and said its your resposibility in Indiana?

The only ways to back out of the contract are 1: If you have a written agreement with the dealer to fix the problems. 2: Verbal agreement with the dealer to fix the problem. then if one of these 2 exist, it would be a small claims court deal and the dealer is suppose to be the expert and the court will recognize that and hopefully side with you.

How much does it cost to replace a temperature sensor?

14.50 dollars at the dealer

What will a dealer give you for silver quarters?

looking for value of silver dollars

How do you change a drivers side headlamp in a 2008 cadillac dts?

A dealer must do this. It's a HID headlamp. It's a few hundred dollars if it's the lamp. It could be the transformer or something else. ($500.00 for entire unit)

Can the dealer change the agreement after signing the contract?

It seems like that would be illegal, you wouldn't be allowed to change the agreement, so I don't think the dealer could. If it's not illegal, its very unethical. Check your dealership at the Better Business Bureau, you can also file a complaint there.

In Illinois do you have to pay sales tax at the dealer for a used car?

If you live and register the car in Illinois then you will pay the Illinois car dealer for the sales tax. If you live in a different state than where you bought the car the dealer might collect the sales tax if the two states have a cooperative agreement. If the states do not have an agreement you will pay the sales tax when your register the car.

Do you have to return a leased car to the same state and same dealer?

That would depend on what it says in your lease agreement.

What is the value of a colt python 357 magnum 4 inch barrel?

Too many variables for a short answer. Condition is critical to value. You need a hands on appraisal from a competent gun dealer. Can range from several hundred to thousands of dollars.

How much money does an antiques dealer earn?

Depends. It is sale based. A full time dedicated dealer using all resources like ebay, shows, markets,malls,etc.,should be able to net a minimum of several hundred dollars per week. Earning more requires more volume, or a specialty.

What Jobs earn 75000 dollars plus per year?

Poker Dealer

Can you cancel an agreement to purchase a new car?

If you have not signed a purchase agreement, yes. If you have signed, ask the dealer if you can back out. If the car has already been put in your name or you have driven it home, it is yours.

How do you replace the odometer bulb on a Pontiac Aztec?

First of all there is no bulb the odometor consist of a digital display,I found this when I took my dash apart.You can figure to pay about two hundred dollars to fix, that's if you take it apart your self and find a speedo shop to do the work,by the way they won't sell you the display part.If you take your car in to the dealer you will pay about three hundred and fifty dollars,I also tried junkyards for about sixty five to one hundred fifty they might be able to get you one used,good luck.

How much does it cost to fix a coil on a 525i BMW?

Depends what year, just replaced coil in 528i 1998 and that was a couple of hundred dollars, so not too bad. Just don't take it to a dealer, they'll rip you a new one.

If a new car is purchased in NV from a dealer and you want it shipped to CA to a dealer here how much would it cost?

It would be about $200 - $2000 dollars

How much is a trailing arm for a Nissan Pathfiner?

170 dollars from a dealer, 110 from lordco, or just bushes 30 each from dealer or 22 on line

Is it possible for the dealer to back out of a contract once you signed it and drove off the lot with dealer plate?

The dealer should be legally bound by the contract which the two of you entered into , a mutual agreement , unless there is an "escape clause" that the dealer can exercise as an option in the contract ; you would best consult an attorney regarding this matter .