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Excuse me if I misunderstood your question but grades are posted on the student/class website under "gradebook", the student advisor, staff is always quick to help me out so if I need help doing something I just call them up. If your talking about getting a transcript for transferring or something like this than just contact the campus you go to and they'll know what you need to do. You can fill out a transcript form and they can fax it for you.

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What software do you need to use to make an mmorpg similar to wow and runescape?

Some programming language is required. Runescape is programmed in Java, but just about any programming language will do. It does require a lot of work, though, even if you already know computer programming.

What does it mean if a female computer programming college professor blushes dark red with only you if you are a guy if she already has a husband?

she is a lonely cougar who wants you bad.

What is non programming decision?

Non programming decision is the decision which has to be taken in any situation which is necessary which is not already predefined.

How do you retrieve a doll you bought in Pokemon platinum?

you will have to use your explorer kit and make a secret base (unless you already have one) and then use the computer and go to go to place object and set the doll somewhere.

What computer games are already on the computer?

Well, it depends on what brand of computer you buy. BUT, THERE IS ALWAYS INTERNET ALREADY INSTALLED!

How do you retrieve deleted data on my sims kingdom ds?

You will appreciate me. because he's the best at his job he was able to give me top best information

What has the author Jeff Magee written?

Jeff Magee has written: '50 Maneras De Eliminar El Negativismo De Su Vida/ Enough Already' 'Concurrency' -- subject(s): Java (Computer program language), Parallel programming (Computer science)

Is it possible to design a computer program to operate a paint sprayer to paint a specific design ie a flag?

Absolutely. But first you have to design a computer-controlled sprayer. After that, the programming, or software, will be easy. Perhaps you could adapt or use a robotic sprayer similar to what the automakers and others use to paint cars and manufactured equipment. If you do that, the NC (numerically controlled) software programming environment already exists.

Is structured programming an OOP principle?

No. Structured programming came before object-oriented programming. Most OOP languages make use of structured programming, but only because they were already using structured principals, not because they now use OOP principals.

How do you retrieve accidentally deleted new Super Mario Brothers level?

There is no way of retrieving it if you've already deleted it.

How do you do a slideshow on your computer?

Download Software or use software already on your computer.

Are computer games and video games written with similar computer programming languages?

Video game consoles are really just computers with the specific purpose of entertainment. The only difference is that video games are made with that consoles specific reqirements already built in. If you look at the back of the computer games box it has the system requirements, because no two PC or Macs are exactly the same due to your personal files. Video games come already ready to be played.

Why can't google retrieve certain types of information?

Perhaps certain types of informations may be damaged or already erased.

What is ment by query?

Query is an instruction given to Database engine to retrieve the results. Example: Select EmployeeName From tblEmployees Where EmployeeID = 123; This is a sample query to retrieve the Name of a particular employee from the set of records saved already.

How is Obama traveling to Washington?

dude, he's already there

What is the best python book?

If you're new to programming, try the How to Think like a Computer Scientist book (make sure you get the Python version!)If you're already a pro and are just learning a new language, Dive into Python is great and it's free online. Also, Core Python Programming by Wesley Chun is great, but it's not free.

What is the meaning of java and how it matches to the programming language oak?

The original plan was to call the Java language "Oak", but it turned out there already was a programming language of that name, so they changed the name. Java is of course unrelated to this other "Oak" language, the one that had already reserved the name.

Why do you have already created files that we just refer to in programming?

Not necessarily have to, your program is able to create brand new files, as well as handling already existing files.

What effect might developments in computer hardware have on programming?

We are on the verge of molecular computing--we can already shift a molecule from 0 to 1 (and other states)--and we are waiting for programmers to catch up now! Apparently there are some interface issues, our sources say.

How do you upload photos from your computer if there already on your computer?

Yes. Uploading refers to moving files to something greater. If some files are on your flash drive, you can upload them to a computer. If the files are already on your computer, you can upload them to a website, such as Google Docs, or Dropbox.

For the programming language Java why was that name chosen?

Originally the name was suppose to be OAK but that name was already copyrighted.

Will Goosebumps come back in 2010?

No because i already checked the tv programming and STILL NO SIGN OF GOOSEBUMPS!

Can you retrieve your old game on ratchet and clank after you have already pushed new game?

No, once you start new game, it is gone forever

How do you download pictures from your computer to your computer?

since they are already on your computer, you dont need to download them. Plus, this is a silly question.

What is the capitle of Washington D.C.?

Washington D.C. doesn't have a capital, because it is already the national capital of the United States.