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Becoming pregnant can bring with it feelings of depression, and these occur in many to-be mothers, but it is not necessarily normal. If you are feeling depressed, please consult with your GP and family, and make them aware of this, and take steps to feel better.

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Q: I am 10 weeks pregnant and I'm very depressed is that normal?
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5 weeks pregnant and have butterfly feelings is this normal?

yes very normal.

Is it normal to feel like you have a fever at 5 weeks pregnant?

yes it is very normal. when you are ovulating or pregnant, your basal temperature goes up. you're fine (:

You are 5 weeks pregnant and very bloated is that normal?

Bloating during pregnancy is VERY normal. I am 16 weeks pregnant now and some days I still have extreme bloating. Even when I was only 6 or 7 weeks pregnant, I looked much more than that because I was so bloated. It does get better though the further along you get.

Is a lot of discharge normal at six weeks pregnant?

Its very normal.Ive had 3 kids and had discharge with all 3.

Is it ok if you are 8 weeks pregnant and you are hungry right after eating?

Yes it is very normal to be hungry right after you eat,

Can you suffer from nausea if you are 3 weeks' pregnant?

Yes You can, The nausea and visible signs usually begin a month into pregancy.. so 3 weeks is very normal.

Im 33 weeks pregnant and fetal heartbeat is 147 is this normal?

Yes, that is a very strong heartbeat. Good Luck.

Could you be pregnant if you had intercourse 2 weeks before but had a regular period with no spotting?

== == * 99.5% of the time having a period means you are not pregnant. * Because you had a normal period then its very unlikely you are pregnant.

Can you get discharge 3 weeks pregnant?

Yes. It's very normal. The hormones in pregnancy generally tend make you have more discharge

Can you have very low hcg levels and still be pregnant?

im seven weeks and my hgc level is 30 can i still have a normal pregnancy

Could you still be pregnant if your period came 1 and half month late and only lasted 2 days with pink and white spots?

I am also 6 weeks late i thought i was pregnant but my flow is a normal period and i heard it was very unlikely to have a normal perios while pregnant! very confused.

Is it normal if you cant see the baby on a vaginal ultra sound at 5 weeks pregnant?

At 5 weeks pregnant, the baby is only a cluster of cells, and it is very common for women to not see anything at 5 weeks because the baby is only about the size of a grain of rice. If you did see anything, it would be very small.

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