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Confront her, wait, or move on.

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โˆ™ 2009-06-21 22:55:27
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Q: I am 10 years old I like a girl buy she has a boyfriend what do I do?
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How do you get a boyfriend on it girl?

You have to be in a higher level to buy a boyfriend in It Girl. You can also buy cars and houses. But you need to be level 22 to get a car.

What do you buy a girl that is twelve years old?

used clothes like socks

What do yoy buy your 23 year old boyfriend for his birthday?

A girl can buy sports tickets for her boyfriend for his 23rd birthday. She can also buy video games or a video game console.

Should I buy jewelry for a girl I like?

Yes, it is right to buy jewelry for the girl you like.

Does my boyfriend love his girl?

It depends does he buy her things say that he loves her and call's her sometimes.

What would I buy my boyfriend for Christmas?

What does he like? I don't have much money, but boy if I did, I'd buy him something real special....but I don't know your boyfriend....

Should your boyfriend buy birthday gift if you have been apart for 7 months?

No, Not if he has another girl

How can I get my boyfriend of 8 years to stop lying to me all the time?

Buy a gun

What should i get my boyfriend for our 2 month aniverserrey if he likes uk?

You can buy your boyfriend of 2 years a motorcycle especially if he likes the UK.

Where can you buy your friend a boyfriend?

A boyfriend is not something you can buy. You have to earn trust to get a boyfriend.

How do you get a girl to like you if she does not?

buy her things

What do you buy your teenage boyfriend for his birthday?

buy him somethin cool like a new skate board or a couple fone

What do you have to do to get into the online game American girl?

you have to buy an American girl BUT you have to buy a look like me doll or you can't get the code.

What is the legal age to buy sex toys in Tennessee?

for man 17 years and girl 16 years

What does it means when your boyfriend doesn't gives you any attention and prefres to hang out with his friends instead of u?

He is just not that into you. When a guy is into a girl he will want to spend all his time with his girl. If you like to read I suggest you buy the book "He's Just Not That Into You" trust me it will open your eyes to men.

What do you buy a girl you like?

A preety necklace.

Can you buy an american doll that looks like yoursrlf in new york?

Yeah, if you mean the My American Girl/ Just Like You line. You can buy them at any American Girl store.

Need help with a girl?

If you want to date a girl you need to make her happy, to make them happy buy something like necklace, and then try to let her know about you, buy 100 roses and tell them that 100 roses means I Love you so much, and try to introduce yourself romantically.And let me tell you how do I know everything about a girls heart, is all because I am a girl to that is what my boyfriend did to me when he wanted to date me. So have fun with your girlfriend.

Why does a girl want you to buy something?

That would depend on what she wants you to buy and what it is for. If she just would like a gift from you then it would be a romance gesture for a girl.

How do you try to impress a girl that you like that does not like you?

buy her a car, or expensive jewelry

What makes Justin bieber a great boyfriend?

he is nice will buy you any thing at all you will love being with him im his ex girl friend

What gift should you buy for a girl you like?

I think you should buy for her a cool key chain with your name on it or buy her lunch.

What kind of stuff should you buy for your boyfriend?

What does your boyfriend like best? You could maybe get him some electronic devices, boys usually like those. You could also try getting him some games perhaps

What do you buy for your ex boyfriend?

Well if your his friend mabye get something like some sunglasses if he is into them, or mabye buy somthing like u would buy for a normall friend But if u arnt friends why buy him a gift? and if u have to like I said buy some thing he is into Hope that helped

How can you get a boyfriend or girlfriend?

be nice to them. aks the person u like out or buy them a present!! Get some nuts fool!!!