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No this does not mean that you are going to give birth early many women walk around dialated up to 3 centimeters and effaced in there first pregnancy without giving birth until there due date if not past their due date so don't worry hope this helps good luck and God Bless!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 06:37:20
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Q: I am 32 weeks pregnant and you are 1 centimer and 80 ephased what does this mean Are you going to give birth early?
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Can you get pregnant if your on birth control but you started your period a week early and the condom broke?

No birth control is 100% effective. It is highly unlikely to get pregnant as long as you are on birth control, but something with a success rate of 99.99% still means that 1 out of every 10000 people will get pregnant on it.

Can a woman give birth when she is 3 months and a half pregnant?

No that would be a miscarriage. No baby will survive it that early.

Can you get pregnant on the birth control patch if you change the patch on the wrong dates?

If you change the patch late, you may get pregnant. If you change the patch early, you are not at additional risk.

Can you be pregnant if your on birth control and you usually start early in the week and this time it was later and it only lasted for a day and now have nausea and back pains?

Yes, you could be pregnant.

How long after giving birth to a sheep lamb can a ewe become pregnant again?

It depends on when she next cycles or when the lamb is weaned - could be as early as 10 weeks post birth but it is recommended to only let the sheep become pregnant once a year.

If your period comes on early does that mean that you are not pregnant?

if your period comes on early does that mean that you are not pregnant?

Could you be pregnant If your period was a week early and short and youre not using any form of birth control?

Most likely no you are not pregnant. It was just short and light. Some periods are that way.

Can you stop taking your birth control a week early?

You can stop taking birth control any time you like. Be sure to use a new method if you still don't want to be pregnant.

Can a dead gerbil harm a pregnant woman?

no only cat fecies, can cause premature birth and low birth weight and send you into early delivery, and can cause dangerous dieases that can loose the baby--my advice ditch the cat , no cats allowed while your pregnant.

What is the birth name of Early Wynn?

Early Wynn's birth name is Early Wynn Jr..

Could you be pregnant if your period early and lighter than normal?

Can you be pregnant if your period is early and after then you have constipation

How long is a mare in foal for?

Mares typically stay pregnant for 11 months, but may give birth up to a month early or late.

When will a pregnant woman give birth?

If all goes to plan she will give birth forty weeks after she concieves. It is not always possible to predict for sure because the baby might come early or later.

Is a week too early to know if you are pregnant?

no it is not to early

Can you be pregnant and not know for ages?

Yes. It can be a while before people know. It is very rare, but people have even been known to give birth without realising they were pregnant. Most know early on though.

Does birth control effect early pregnancy?

Well, when I went to get my birth control I had to take a pregnancy test first & I asked why & they said if I was already pregnant & they put me on birth control it could kill my baby. So im assuming yes.

Can you be pregnant if you have an early period?


Your period came 7 days early can you still be pregnant?

i came on my period 7 days early can i be pregnant

What is the birth name of Early Cantrell?

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What are the chances of getting pregnant if you missed 4 birth control pills in the first week and had unprotected sex during that same week and now your period is 6 days early?

birth control pills do things with your hormones, if you are not following the instructions properly you throw out the hormonal balance and end up with things like early or late period or pregnancy. it sounds like your period has started early because of the way you did it, so it is unlikely that you are pregnant.

Is it true if your period goes off early you could be pregnant?

Is it true if your period goes off early you could be pregnant?

What are the chances of getting pregnant 2 weeks after getting birth and then you use contraceptives after 1 week?

if you are not sterile you will get pregnant unless you want to abort the zygote which is usually not the best option.oda preventive measure could be adopted early

What is the birth name of Dudley Early?

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What is the birth name of Quinn Early?

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What is the gestation period of a cocker spaniel?

All dogs are pregnant for 63 days (9 weeks) sometimes they can whelp (give birth) a few days early.