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That is quite normal. the baby is not yet large enough to see at 5 weeks though it is developing rapidly. I work at an OBGYN office, and that is absoutley normal!! You can not typically see an embryo on an ultra sound until you are between 6-8 weeks. You levels were great! You should be fine at your next visit when you can see the baby. You can also see a flutter of light on the ultra sound that is the babies heart beat! good luck!

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2008-09-25 19:27:36
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Q: I am 6 weeks pregnant and had a ultrasound last week when I was 5 weeks they couldn't see the baby yet my levels have gone from 64 to 6200 is it normal not to see the baby in a 5 week ultrasound?
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My levels went from 1410 to 1670 is that normal for 6 weeks pregnant?

If it's a single pregnancy then it's not pregnant & i would ask your doctor to do an ultrasound asap. please read about molar pregnancies just so u understand all the possibilites.

What is the normal progesterone level in 8 weeks pregnant?

The normal progesterone levels for someone who is 8 weeks pregnant is 25.9.

What are the normal results of endorectal ultrasound?

Normal results after an endorectal ultrasound are normal, healthy tissues

Is a hcg level of 560 normal for 5 Weeks pregnant?

I am about 5 weeks pregnant, and my hormone levels are about that.

No fetal pole at 6weeks 6days with vaginal ultrasound hcg levels at 16000 is there hope?

I just received an internal ultrasound 8 weeks after the first day of my last period. Doctor says the size of the gestational sac and yoke show that I am 6 weeks pregnant. NO fetal pole visible! My hormone levels are over 16,000. She says it looks like a healthy and normal pregnancy.

Does higher levels of estrogen help getting pregnant?

yes high levels of estrogen help with normal ovulation

If you are 8 weeks pregnant is it normal for the ultrasound to show the yolk and small fetal pole but you cannot see the heart beat?

no it is not no it is not

Are you pregnant if 4 hpt tests were positive but nothing showed up on an ultrasound is this normal for being 5 days late for your period?

this could be normal. it can take up to 6 or 8 weeks for a fetal heartbeat to show up with a vaginal ultrasound.

Earlyest you can tell a mare is pregnant?

With a really good ultrasound system at about 10 days post ovulation. 12 days with a normal ultrasound. By day 16 to 18 a veterinarian can palpate and can determine if the mare feels pregnant or if she is showing signs of coming back into heat.

What characteristics does a normal transvaginal ultrasound have?

In a normal transvaginal ultrasound, the pelvic structures or organs or the fetus are found to have no abnormalities.

Is there hcg in a woman's blood if she is not pregnant?

Yes. HCG levels between 0-5 are common in non-pregnant women and are considered to be normal.

What is the conception date on ultrasound of 11 weeks 5 days?

if the ultrasound sayd 11 weeks 5 days u got pregnant app 9 weeks and 5 days ago if ur periods are normal

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