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According to Halls-MD, the ideal weight for a male 13 years old, 5'7" is 138 lbs an ideal weight of a 13 y/o male should be within the interval of 58-64 kgs.

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the weight of a 15 year old male should depend on his height.

It depends on his mucles and heigh

normally it should be 135 to 140

I am a 33 year old male who happens to be 5'10". I weigh 157 pounds and I am perfect. Therefore, the answer is 157 pounds.

I myself am a 14 year old 5ft 8 in male you should weigh about 150 or 160 if muscular

You should weigh anywhere between 145 to 160 pounds depending on you frame size.

102.058 kilograms would be about par

to be healthy, 145. to look sexy, 135*

your weight depends on your height and your exerted efforts daily

The average would be about 194 lbs.

A 15 year old male that is 5 ft 6 in in height should weigh between 102.2 lbs and 145 lbs. A female should weigh between 101 lbs and 148.7 lbs.

depnds on height any where from 110 at 5'2 to 170 at 6'0

It could be 80+. There is nothing to be concerned about unless you are over 120.

If you are a 20 year old male that's 6 ft 3 in, you should weigh between 152.8 lbs and 216 lbs. Actual weight depends on many factors to include lifestyle and metabolism.

weight usually goes by height. try searching for bmi charts

Around 220 at most (pounds) if they are in proper shape.

Depending on your build, somewhere between 155-180 lbs.

he should weigh about 189 to 201 pounds i am a doctor and this weight is th normal weight.

Most males should weigh anywhere between 130-180. But you are young and are very tall. You should weigh about anywhere between 165-200 depending on your frame.