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I spotted at 10 and 12 weeks and I was very worried about it. I saw the doctor and everything was fine. She explained that spotting at this point in the pregnancy is normal, because the placenta is developing. If it troubles you I would go to the Emergency Room without hesitation. Unfortunately, yes, it's common for many family doctors to take a long weekend off, but some do have a replacement (not many.) I'm in Canada and like the U.S., our Health Care is pretty bad. When my doctor is off for the long weekend we have Clinics to go too or the ER at a nearby hospital. It sounds like you will be just fine, but since you are in the early stages of your pregnancy I would strongly suggest you go into the ER and be checked out or at least go to a Clinic. You'd feel a lot better if you had a doctor decide if everything is OK and he can explain things to you much better. Good luck!

2006-07-04 18:37:09
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Q: I am are about 9 weeks pregnant and every thing was normal Since Yesterday I started to discharge brown clots Can't see my doc as its 4th of July is it usual you can't see dr on holidays?
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Pink and brown discharge before your late period started could you be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if after your period you started to experience brownish pink discharge?

A brownish pinkish discharge is not a normal indication of pregnancy.

For the past few days your discharge has been changing It started off very thick white creamy discharge and now it is watery milky white flow What could this be?

If you are not pregnant, this is a sign of impending ovulation. If you are pregnant, it is a sign of increase estrogen (normal when pregnant).

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You had a serum hcg done on monday which was neg i am trying to get pregnant Today is Saturday yesterday i started with light brownish discharge not like a normal period could i be pregnant?

No if your serum HCG was negative. You need to know your cycle and gauge when your optimal time for getting pregnant is based on your usual dates. Assessing body temp is also a key factor along with knowing when ovulation is taking place.

If you missed your period and spotted 2 days after you spotted dark brown discharge and a day after your period started but it was light can you be pregnant?


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Is it likely you are pregnant if you started bleeding 9 days after your period ended and had brown discharge?

No, you are most definitely not pregnant.If there is any bleeding, whether it be abnormalor not, it is a sure indication that you are notpregnant.yes you could be. that bleeding could be implantation bleeding. take a test

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I started to discharge brown fluid then one day i had bad cramping and blood cloths started to discharge out its been a month now and I'm still discharging blood clots am i having a miscarriage?

If you're pregnant and are dropping blood clots (especially for a month!) you should definitely see a doctor immediately!

You are 14 weeks pregnant and today you started spotting a brown discharge you also have been fainting a lot is this normal Help?

This is not normal and you should contact your doctor ASAP.

You have a period every two months lasting 9 days or so and the past two months you have had a period around the same time Then you started spotting light pink and increased discharge. Am i pregnant?

You could be pregnant. Do a test.

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I had a brown discharge a week before i was supposed to start then I started my period but it was not like normal now I have a brown discharge again could I be pregnant?

it could be old blood fomr your last period. It all depends if u had sexuall activities i could be old blood or you got this discharge from having unportected sex it depends

You have had the IUD for a year and half and the last couple of weeks ive been having pregnancy symptoms you wake up early in the mornings puking and yesterday you started spotting are you pregnant?

Yes if the I.U.D has slipped , without your knowledge , you could be pregnant very easily.

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I had a positive pregnancy test then a negative resultlast week but yesterday i started bleeding not heavy but i am able to squeeze colostrum from my breast can someone tell you what is wrong with me?

you are pregnant but be very carefull you might have a miscarriage

What if you have had discharge for a while and haven't started your period?

What if you have had discharge for a while and haven't started your period? Exactly!You're supposed to have discharge all the time starting from entering puberty, menarche occurs within four years of puberty. All this means is that you haven't started your period yet, that's all.

If you were 2 weeks late for your period took a hpt and there was a faint line but then had light bleeding for three days and 4 days after started to have brown spotting am you still pregnant?

if the pregnancy test was positive then you are pregnant. Sometimes there will be a really faint line that disappears before the test is complete. If it was positive unless you have a normal RED discharge you should still be pregnant. There is a lot of pain and cramping with a miscarriage. It is normal after becoming pregnant that you would discharge old blood that wasn't used by the embryo.