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Yes you should be worried because something might be wrong with your baby

Many women have small amounts of bleeding early in pregnancy, especially around the time their periods would have been due. Medically this is called 'break - through' bleeding. This usually disappears as the hormone levels that keep you from having a period stabilize and the baby matures. You only need to be concerned if the bleeding is accompanied by cramps or you are feverish. The bleeding you describe sounds within the 'normal' range so far.


its called Implanation bleeeding which you get from 1 week-6 weeks in pregnancy i got it but i got my period 2 weeks after what is break through bleeding ?


Answer Pink or brown discharge can also be caused by having sex or a vaginal exam early in pregnancy. Its perfectly normal, as long as it isn't excessive.

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Q: I am pregnant again now 1 month and last night had clear discharge with a tint of blood then next day had light brown discharge should I be worried?
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