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I am seven weeks pregnant and have just started bleeding is this normal?

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you should immediately consult a doctor anytime bleeding occurs during a pregnancy.

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Is cramping normal at 7 weeks pregnant?

i am seven weeks pregnant and i have cramping everyday is it normal

If you are on the pill will your period still come if you bled during the seven day break from it?

If you missed seven days of your pill, and you had some bleeding, your next period may not be a normal period. It may not come at the regular time, and it might not be normal amount of bleeding.

What happens if you bleed seven days after your period is finished?

It's normal. You can continue bleeding up to a week after your period.

Is bleeding when you skipped a seven day gap of your contraception pills normal?

Yes this is very normal let your period continue and after it is complete start a new pack. No worries

Can you be pregnant and have a normal period which for the person is seven days?

No. You do not have a period if you're pregnant. My mother had 6 children, and she had her periods through 3 of the pregnancies - I don't know how long or "normal" her periods were (she died some years ago) but I do know that she was 5 months pregnant with me before she realized she was pregnant!

Could you still have a period and be pregnant?

My Husband and I are trying to conceive. Seven days ago we began trying. Now, seven days later it is like I started my period. I was really excited,could I still be pregnant?

Can you be pregnant if you are seven days late on your period and cramping bt no bleeding could you be pregnant?

How old are you? Yes, you could be pregnant. I suggest you go to the store and buy a home pregnancy test. Go home, read the directions, and do as it says. They are almost 100% accurate. If you are pregnant, congrats!! ^__^

You started the pill seven days ago what are the chances of becoming pregnant?

Actually even with being on the pill you an still get pregnant. Some ladies have a higher chance by being on the pill. I was on the pill and got pregnant.

It is possible to be pregnant if you had uprotected sex 7 days ago and your period started but it was light and lasted only 4 days?

If you had sex within seven days of when your periods would normally start then it is not possible for you to be pregnant under normal circumstances. Have a look at the link below to find out a little more about your menstrual cycle.

Can you have very low hcg levels and still be pregnant?

im seven weeks and my hgc level is 30 can i still have a normal pregnancy

When does Mirena become effective?

If started within the first seven days of menstrual bleeding, no back up method is needed - it's immediately effective. If started at any other time in the menstrual cycle, use a back up method for seven days. If you're switching from the shot, implant, or a birth control pill, continue the hormonal birth control method for seven days if you're not in the first five days of menstrual bleeding. If you're starting on the day of an in-clinic suction abortion, no backup is needed.

What I thought was my period lasted for seven days it was very light and brown in color I have pco but got a normal period last month could this be implantation bleeding?

implantation bleeding usually only last 2 or 3 days, so probably not, but id take a test

Is it possible to be pregnant and still have a period im seven months pregnant and im making sure that is right and im not more i actually am. my last period was Oct 12?

It is possible but you should notify your doctor if you haven't already. If you know for sure that you are pregnant, it is probably not going to be your period, although some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant. It is possible that it could be implantation bleeding caused by the fertilized egg to attach itself to the uterine wall. Or it could be a cervical change that can cause vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding can also be a symptom of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Another cause for bleeding during pregnancy is a miscarriage although the first two reasons for bleeding are more common, it is still a good idea to contact your doctor if you are too concerned.

Nuva ring slipped out you had your period for 2 days and then it ended suddenly. could i be pregnant?

If the ring was out for less than three hours, you still have the normal level of protection. If more than three hours, you might consider using emergency contraception, and need to use a back up method for the next seven days. If you think you might be pregnant, check with a pregnancy test. Short bleeding is not unusual with Nuva Ring.

How many months pregnant is twenty seven weeks?

if I'm correct that's just under seven months pregnant

Is it normal to have a period while having the nuva ring inside of you?

Yes, it is. Keep using the Nuva Ring according to the calendar, leaving it in for three weeks and taking it out for seven days, regardless of bleeding.

After period on nuva ring can you get pregnant?

Your vaginal bleeding doesn't matter. You are not protected against pregnancy if the Nuva Ring was out for more than seven days. If you used it correctly during the previous three weeks, you have the same protection against pregnancy during the seven days the ring is out.

You are seven weeks pregnant and bleeding bad you have placenta separation of 8 centimeters will you lose your baby?

The situation you describe is not a pleasant one, and the possibility that you will miscarry exists. What you're describing is beyond the realm of what you can treat at home. I urge you to contact your doctor ASAP, or go to the Ehergency room. When bleeding is involved, time is of the essence.

You started the pill right after you had your IUD removed could you get pregnant?

You could get pregnant if you had unprotected sex in the five days before you had the IUD removed (if it was a hormonal IUD like Liletta, Mirena, or Skyla) or in the first seven days of taking the pill.

Is one hundred and twenty seven pounds normal for a 12 year old?

yes and no yes if you started your period and no if you are just weight to chubby but if you started then its the normal weight and try to lose a few pounds also because mostly if you started well after had your 4th maybe 5th its normal.......,..... a little i have a freind that's 150 and hes nine i also have another freind hes 12 and 125 so youre pritty good

What happens when a woman haves a miscarriage but didn't even know she was pregnant?

Most women who do not realise they are pregnant think that it is just a "heavy period". No medical intervention is needed for a straight forward miscarriage in the first 8-10 weeks. You will get cramps and bleeding but otherwise should be fine. Most women realise they are pregnant within 6 weeks. Most miscarriages that occur between 4-6 weeks are like a heavy period and no-one knows any better. The only difference you may notice is stronger cramps and for a longer time (ie instead of 8 hours, you cramp for 2 days). The bleeding will be bright red with clumps whereas a normal period may be darker brownish blood and thinner. You may also bleed for seven-10 days instead of 5-7 as is a normal period.

Do you hit your period at 12?

Twelve is a perfectly normal age to start your periods. If you're just starting, it may be a while before your periods settle down into a regular cycle. You may experience simple spotting (very light bleeding) at times and a heavy flow at others. This is normal for the most part, unless you have continuous bleeding for longer than seven days, in which case you should see a doctor.

If you started bleeding seven days before your period was supposed to start what does this mean?

hi I'm not sure if you got a spot of blood for a day or 3 then that's a sign of pregnancy. If you are worried go see a doctor

Is it normal that on day seven of starting pill experiencing bleeding but not like normal period no cramps or pain?

Yes it's normal to experience some spotting. This usually goes away after your body gets used to being on the pill. Give it a few months, if you keep having spotting, you may need to switch the brand of pill that you're on.

You accidentally inserted NuvaRing when you started spotting a few days before your period When should you expect your period When will it start working?

You may not have any more bleeding this month. Use a backup method for seven days, but you're probably protected right away if you started NuvaRing with spotting.