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I had the same problem three months ago. I was a month and a half late and I took three home pregnance tests and also went to the doctor and did a blood test all came out negative. I started my period the day that I came home from the doctors visit. I think it was stress among other things. Just try not to think about it and it will finally show up.

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Because you had a pregnancy blood test performed, then this does rule out any chance of pregnancy. The blood test is 100% accurate and measures the exact amount of HCG in your blood so this rules out pregnancy completely hun. If you're period doesn't arrive in 2 weeks then return to your Doctor for a Quantitative beta hcg pregnancy blood test. You'll need to ask specifically for this blood test. Take care.

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Your period is a week late never late previously you are not under stress not taking any medication Took a blood test which was negative What are the chances of being pregnant?

As the blood test is negative it is unlikely you are pregnant. However if you 'feel' pregnant and had sex at your fertile time it might be a good idea to take a home pregnancy test two weeks after your missed period.

Missed period for 8 weeks blood test negative why?

If your blood test was negative I am afraid you are not pregnant. There is some other reason for your missed period.

Can you be pregnant if you had a negative blood test 20 days after sex and 2 periods?

No, when you have your period, that means that you are not pregnant.

I had my period on 24 Nov 2009. I did a blood test and it was negative. I also did a home pregnancy test and it came out negative. Could I be pregnant?

If you have had a negative blood test, it is very unlikely that you are pregnant

I am 6 days late for my period and I took a blood pregnancy test it was negative can I still be pregnant?

your are definetly pregnant

Your period is ten days late and 2 home results were negative but your stomach is bloated and weird could you be pregnant?

yes you could still be pregnant-if you still get a negative results--i suggest you go to your doctor and ask for a blood test--a blood test is more accurate than a hpt..(but if you're not pregnant--it can be stress too that cause you're period late or missed) of luck Not all missed periods are due to being pregnant. You may be pregnant or you could have a hormonal imbalance. See your doctor for a blood test to determine if you are pregnant or not.

Could you be pregnant if you are 8 weeks late the pregnancy blood test showed negative and you have no symptoms?

There are several causes for late period including stress, hormonal disbalance, ilness, overweight, etc.

If you are 10 weeks pregnant and having your period could you still be pregnant even if both urine and blood test came back negative?

I would think not. Period + negative tests for pregnancy is a pretty sure sign that you are no longer pregnant.

What does it mean if a blood test was negative but you still have no period and can you still be pregnant and have a false negative?

yes you can be pregnant and get a negative test result with blood tests it is rare. There are other causes of missed periods see your gynecologist he will probably recommend an ultrasound.

Can you be pregnant if you have all the symptoms but had your period and home pregnancy test showed negative?

Hello! If you had a normal period and a negative pregnancy test, you wont be pregnant. Yes you can have a negative pregnancy test. A Clinic can do a simple blood test to be a 100 percent positive. Also, some women have had period symptoms and pregnancy at the same time.If you get your period and negative test it is 99% that you are not pregnant all the best!

What are the chances you are pregnant if a blood test you took before your period was due came back negative but you still have not had your period and now have other symptoms?

Blood tests aren

Could you still be pregnant if your period is a week late followed by a very light period with strong pregnancy symptoms 2 negative HPTs and a negative blood test?

no because it has to take up to a month for that to be obvious.(if you dont have your period in 1 month you are pregnant)

My period is late 3 month i went to doc she wrote blood test that is negative what we do?

If you;re period is 3 months late, and the doc performed a blood test which was negative, there is nothing to do. Your period could be late due to stress, a change in hormones, or from extreme dieting.

Could you be pregnant if you are two weeks late for your period but seven pregnancy tests have been negative and could it be stress that is delaying your period?

You could be pregnant and it not show on a store bought test. You should go to the DR. or clinic to have a blood test if you feel you are pregnant. OR wait till the next month rolls around and if you still have no period defently go to DR. You may not be pregnant but you could have somthing else wrong.

Your period was scheduled to come on Jan 16.Took a blood test on 16th it was negativetook a home pregnancy test on the 24 it was negative but still no period could i still be pregnant?

You are probably not pregnant, unless you got pregnant after the serum/blood pregnancy test. The HCG that it tests for is zero unless you are pregnant, so negative test, no pregnancy.

Is it possible to be pregnant while on cycle then took a urine test was negative is it better to have a blood work done?

You can not become pregnant having sex while on your period. If you didn't have your period and you had sex and the urine test said negative, you most likely are not pregnant. If you still want to be sure, yes a blood test is more precise.

Could you be pregnant if your period was due on the 3rd and today is the 6th and still no period and a test on the 4th was negative and should you take another test?

Take another test in 1 week, negative tests don't mean you are not pregnant, it just means your pregnancy hormones are not showing up yet (if you are pregnant). If you are still negative in a week and no period, then get a blood test.

You had a negative blood result and an negative HptCan you still be pregnant you are now in your 42nd day and you took the blood test yesterday?

Because the blood test was negative, then you definitely are not pregnant.

If you still have Period and negative pregnancy test could you be pregnant?

yes its best to take a blood test at a clinic.

You are 14 days late for your period and negative pregnancy test could you be pregnant?

It is possible. I would see a doctor and have them draw blood to see if you are pregnant.

If a pregnancy test was negative can you still be pregnant after missing your period for two months?

A urine test can give a negative result and the individual is pregnant. For complete accuracy you will have to take a blood test (pregnancy).

Why negative blood test still no period?

It is possible that the test was given too early (doubtful), or that there was an error with it. OR it could be that the stress of being concerned over possibly being pregnant has caused you to be irregular. Give it another week, and if still no period, get another pregnancy test.

Could you be pregnant if you have brown discharge 3 days after your delayed period but had 5 negative pregnancy test?

You could be a pregnant but the best ans for you is to do the blood test.

If your period is 18 days late and you have received a negative blood test and 5 negative urine testsas as well as you had a possible ectopic 6 months ago and miscarried could you be pregnant?

Because the blood test was negative its very unlikely you are pregnant hun. A recent miscarriage can effect your hormones and this in turn will effect your period. Make a appointment with your doctor to have some blood tests performed to check for a hormonal imbalance.

Could you be pregnant if your period is a week late and you have sore nipples and are bloated and nauseous but a pregnancy test was negative?

Yes. Some people get negative tests, but later find out they are acutally pregnant. Get a blood test from your doctor.