I am the color of the sky during sunrise and sunset My hooves are black as midnight and my wings are as white as snow I am usually mentioned when something doesn't exist What am I?

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Why does sun appear flat during sunrise and sunset?

The sun rays have to travel through a larger atmospheric distance. Most of the blue light and shorter wave lengths are removed by scattering . Only red colour,which is least scatterd is received by our eyes and appear to come from sun .Hence the appearance of sun at sunset or sunrise looks almost fl ( Full Answer )

Why is the sunset more colorful than the sunrise?

Various colors are seen during sunrise and sunset because the lighttravelling through the air is scattered by air particles. Shorterwavelengths like blue and green scatter more than the longerwavelength of red and orange. At sunrise and sunset, the path ofthe light through the atmosphere is longer s ( Full Answer )

Why is the sky red during sunset?

The sky is red because the blue light scattered during the day is too diluted, and the red light normally not scattered much is so spread that we can see it. This is all about something called "Rayleigh scattering". . Rayleigh scattering occurs when light scatters off of small particles in the atm ( Full Answer )

Midnight black metallic color code?

Hello, funny you ask this ? b.c i just painted my rims this color!. But the code for midnight black is MBC35509 A This is the met version btw.

Why doesn't black light exist?

Black is the absence of light. My Theory: The colour black in itself absorbs all forms of light, correct? It does not reflect it as other colours do, so, it is in my way of thinking that it stands to reason that if "black light" did exist, surely it would just absorb itself? If it were t ( Full Answer )

Why do you have red sunset white clouds blue sky?

You have a red sunset, white clouds, and a blue sky because ofmolecules in the air that scatter certain colors of light. Thesecolors are then viewed by the eye or are scattered out of sight.For example, the red sunset looks red because the blue colors arescattered out of the eye's view.

Why is the sky orange during sunrise?

Sunlight contains all the colors of the rainbow. Particles floating in the air scatter some of the light (usually blue/violet) which is why the sky looks blue. During the early morning (and early evening) the light has to pass through more atmosphere to reach your eyes. The blue/violet has already b ( Full Answer )

Why sky color of the moon is black?

the moon has no atmosphere, it's light interacting with the gases in the atmosphere that make our sky seen blue. the moon does have an atmosphere. and it has gravity

What causes the different colors at sunrise and sunset?

Earth's atmosphere contains a lot of water vapor and impurities, which is the cause of the sun appearing red when it rises and sets. When the sun is overhead, the light goes through a lot less air than when you look at it on the horizon. Red light has a longer wavelength than other colors and can th ( Full Answer )

Why is there a sunrise and sunset?

The Sun doesn't really rise and set; the Sun sits there in the center of our solar system, unmoving. It is the Earth spinning - and us with it - that makes the Sun appear to rise in the East and set in the west.

What is the month during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset?

In the Muslim calendar, the name of the month is "Ramadan". Relative to the 12-month world business calendar, Ramadan begins somewhat earlier each year. In 2010, Ramadan begins on Wednesday, August 11. In 2011, the month will begin on August 1. Ramadan. And Muslims still do fast today as ( Full Answer )

Is there a pattern in the times of sunrise and sunset during the year?

Yes. Depending on your location, the times of sunrise and sunset, and the length of the daylight period, varies in a sine-wave pattern. (Sine waves - see the link. Ignore the math; just look at the pictures.) In the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice is on December 21 (plus or minus a day, ( Full Answer )

Shadow during sunrise and sunset?

A simple experiment : You stand still, and someone holds a light source. When the person moves the light higher (like sunrise) your shadow will become shorter. When the person moves the light lower (like sunset) your shadow will become longer. You can easily understand that a shadow is longest ( Full Answer )

Why is the color of the sky black from the moon during the day?

The answer is that the Moon has no atmosphere. So, sunlight is not "scattered" as it is by the Earth's atmosphere. The Earth's atmosphere scatters blue light more than other colors causing our sky to be blue. So, the Moon has a black sky during its daytime and the Earth has a blue ( Full Answer )

Is the sky really white when it snows?

The sky is blue due to the end-of-the-spectrum light that passes through the ozone layer. The smaller the frequency, the easier it is for the beams to pass through the O3 without being deflected. Thus, the blue end of the spectrum reaches through the ozone to give the sky a blue color.. When it is ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't it usually snow in London England?

The United Kingdom is affected by the Gulf Stream/North Atlantic Current, making it warmer than most places at the same latitude. As a result, though it does snow in London, it doesn't snow as often.

Why the sky changes color at sunset?

It changes colur at sunset because it's favorite food is cheese so it wants to be the colour of cheese too, at night.

Why is Snow White in color?

It's the result of crystallised flakes of clear water, making it appear white because of the many reflection planes in the single crystal of a smowflake.

What color are Snow Whites shoes?

They are gold shoes with small heels. They are about 1 inch heels and very plain with rounded toes and gold bows at the front.

Why are tires usually black in color?

There are several but the main one is that black dicipates the heat generated between the tyre and the road more efficiently than other colours. It is also closed to the natural colour of the processed product that becomes 'blackened' during the baking and forming (vulcanisation) process. Some manuf ( Full Answer )

Why does the color black absorb light and the color white doesn't?

Light itself is made up of all the colors, and so an object that appears black will absorb all the colors, while white will reflect all the colors. This is also why white cars left in the sun are cooler than black cars that are left in the sun. The reason black absorbs light is due to the nature of ( Full Answer )

What color is the sky during the day's?

the sky in the day's are usually Blue. if its any other color its usually not natural, for the sky to be green, white, or brown. yes it could be yellow, orange, purple, or pink because of a sunset.

Does white exist as a color?

Yes. The color white in light represents all visible frequencies. The reason that a "white" object appears "colorless" is that it is reflecting the entire range of colors. A "black" object is reflecting much less light, absorbing light energy across the entire range of colors.

How about sunrise and sunset?

Please resubmit your question giving the details of what you need to know about sunrise and sunset so that someone can give you an answer.

Is the sun hotter during sunrise or sunset?

Well the sun itself isn't either. I would guess sunset however, if you mean if it's averagely hotter out. My reason why, is by the time sunset has occurred, the sun has already had all day to heaten everything as much as it would, while in sunrise the night still has the say on the temperature.

Why do sunrise and sunset times change during the year?

Sunrise and sunset times change throughout the year because in the summer time, the earth is exposed to more direct sunlight - making the days longer. In the winter time, the reverse happens. The earth is exposed to less direct sunlight which means the nights are longer and darker. In spring and ( Full Answer )

Why do sunrise and sunset patterns exist?

The reason why day and night length varies is because certain parts of the earth get more or less sunlight throughout the year. At the poles, there is no "night" each night in the summer and there is no "day" each day in the winter. In certain locations even south of the arctic circle - twilight can ( Full Answer )

Is sunrise after sunset?

well... when the sun rises... thats when the sun comes up... when the sun sets.. the sun comes down... it can go either way honestly... but sunrise is before sunset in my opinion

What is usually the sunrise and sunset time in Delhi in summers?

Let's use today's date, August 10. U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department Sun and Moon Data for One Day The following information is provided for Delhi, India (longitudeE77.2, latitude N28.6): Saturday 10 August 2013 Universal Time +5:30 SUN Begin civil twilight 05:23 S ( Full Answer )

What phase will you never see during daytime after sunrise and before sunset?

The Full Moon is opposite the Sun in the sky and therefore it rises as the Sun sets and sets as the Sun rises. (Actually, near the Earth's poles in summer, you can see the Full Moon during daylight.) You can never see the New Moon either because it is in line with the Sun and hidden by glare. (Yo ( Full Answer )

Which shape of the moon will you never see during daytimeafter sunrise and before sunset?

I don't think there is one. It's possible, though rare, for the moon to be full just after sunrise or just before sunset ... this happened recently in Southern California, when there was a lunar eclipse visible right about the time of sunrise. Lunar eclipses can only occur when the moon is full. (Te ( Full Answer )