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I bought a lemon want to return it not worth the money its unsafe to drive?


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November 05, 2007 6:08AM

You can negotiate with the dealer you bought it from, but remember to be professional. If you think you would like to try something else then tell them exactly that. Be sure to point out why the car is unsafe and you better have a good explaination. (i.e. "this thingy doesn't work" sounds like you are stupid and just a complainer) Be courtious and keep the conversation pleasant. Try everything you know to be polite and it they still aren't willing to negotiate then inform them of your backup plan. Backup Plan:

Sit across the street from the car lot you now hate and hang a BIG sign in the window that says "LEMON" and be sure to also include where you bought the car. A big picket sign also attracts alot of attention, too. People do notice this and it does affect business. Now the only question left is whether or not you can live up to your promise. P.S. Whatever you do, leave the car in the condition you bought it in. if you trash it or spray paint then you won't have anything to negotiate with.