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If you have a credit card linked to your account then it will automatically charge your credit card if you do not have any money left on your balance from gift cards.

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Is it possible to become pregnant without having a period?

no you have to ovulate to get pregnant.

Can a male have an STD without having symptoms?

Yes, a man can have any sexually transmitted disease without having symptoms.Yes that is possible.Men can be carriers of STDs.

Is it possible to advertise from the front of our shop without having to erect a sign?

It is very possible to advertise in front of shops without having to erect a sign. Many companies use this method to advertise because it saves money, and is good for the environment.

Is it possible to make a t-shirt bag without having to sew?

It is possible to make a t-shirt bag without having to sew it. First cut the sleeves off of a t-shirt. Then cut the neck out. Next cut slits along the bottom of the t-shirt. Then tie knots in it. You have a t-shirt bag without having to sew.

How can you access your Facebook account without using Facebook?

no its not possible its like trying to access yahoo account without having one

Can you crack your nose?

No it is ABSOLUTELY NOT possible to crack your nose without breaking it and having to go to the hospital

Can people lie about having chlamydia?

It is not legal or ethical to lie about chlamydia, but, since someone can be infected without knowing and without having visible signs, it is possible to lie and say that you don't have chlamydia.

How long can you have chlamydia without having abdominal pain?

It is possible, and common, to have chlamydia without ever having abdominal pain, even if the infection has ascended higher in the reproductive tract to cause PID.

Late-19th Century immigration to the US would not have been possible without what?

Late 19th Century immigration to the US would not have been possible with the US having a flexible and mostly welcoming attitude to immigrants. It also would not have been possible without the US having a need for immigrants to come in and work on reconstruction projects.

Is it possible to get Google earth without having to download or purchase it?

No matter what, you don't have to purchase Google Earth, but you do have to download it.

What are all possible outcomes of 124?

As long as the 124 just sits there without having anything done to it, there are no outcomes.

Is it possible to have memory loss caused by alcohol without having a hangover?

Yes, if you are a stupid, abussing of alcohol! >:O

How can you read your boyfriend messages without his Phone?

It is not possible without having his phone to go through. The messages themselves are not displayed on the online account or anywhere else.

How do you make a breeding farm without 3 karma points?

It is not possible to make a breeding farm without first having 3 karma points on Howrse.

Is it possible to extract a tooth without an injection?

It is possible. However, depending on the difficulty of the extraction, an injection may be preferable (less painful, safer) than not having the injection.

Is it possible for an object to have momentum without having kinetic energy?

No, because in order to have momentum, an object must have velocity. Velocity cannot be obtained without kinetic energy.

Why are scientific models useful?

It allows you to determine possible outcomes without having to set up a large costly experiment.

Does Ubuntu depend on Windows?

No. It is entirely possible to install and run Ubuntu on a computer without ever having run Windows on it.

How can someone sign up for this site without having a FB page?

It could be done originally but it's not possible anymore.

Is it possible to go through life without having stress?

No, it is not possible because having stress IS life. It makes us grow though experiences and shows us our strengths and weaknesses. Even a person on an island all by themself has stress!

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