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With out knowing what you are working on we can not help.

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How do you replace front shocks 1992 Pontiac Bonneville?

take the two bolts out of the bottom of the a frame and the one bolt from under the hood then drop it down

What tools are needed to change brakes on a 1995 Isuzu rodeo?

14 mm wrench or socket--top bolt does not loosen--take out bottom bolt and snap out pads -- front and back of each wheel

How do you take a El Camino fender off?

For my el camino I started with the upper back side in the corner there is a bolt that is on the side that holds a bracket to the door. Take that off, then there is another long bolt that sticks out of the top near the windsheildloose. Then r, take that out. Then take the bolts out of the inside of the door in the corner wedged between the door and frame. Then there is a bolt on the bottom that is obvious. It is near the back of the fender also. Then start on the front fender. There is a big bolt with a bushing on it. Take that out. Repeat the same steps for the other side of the car. It is the same concept .Then take the front bumper off by the bolts mounted on the back of it. Then there will be another bolt on top of the chasis holding a rod into the chasis for the front bumper. Take that out and then shake the front clip/ fender and it will all come loose. Then remove carefully.

How do you change a peugeot 206 front lower arm?

take the bottom ball joint bolts n nut out,take nut n bolt of front bush on wishbone ,go inside the front of the car and lift the carpet ,there is two nuts under there ,15 mm ones take them of ,reverse to put back on

How do you remove alternator on a 1978 nova?

you loosen the bottom bolt first. then you loosen the top bolt and it will move. the you can just take the belt off of it. one wire will just unplug and the other you have to take the bolt off.

How do you replace the starter on a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo 4-cylinder 2WD?

lay under the front of vec. with your legs out front. the starter will be on the passenger side of motor. there is a bottom bolt you can get to easy. the top bolt for starter comes into it from the transmission side it is a bigger bolt. you will also have to take off a brace that is about six inches long that is under starter it has only two small bolts in it

How do you take a bolt out of Remington sportsman 78?

Mine has a small square button in front of the trigger inside the guard . Open the bolt push the button and slide the bolt out.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1993 Nissan 300zx?

take out the fan first, then u'll see the alte. on the bottom left of engin, take the bolt from the top of alte. and the aguster bolt from the bottom of it.(u'll see the belt becomes loss) there is 3 wires that u have to take out, and u done.

1990 Ford F 150 4x4 Liert Front axles How do you get the passanger axle out of the differentail I have it apart and the axle will not come out?

pull off front dif cover take the bolt out of the bottom of the center pin and slide the center pin out but first take the horse shoe clip off the end of the shaft.

How do you replace clutch on John Deere L120?

Take the bolt out of the bottom and use a pully puller to get it off.

Where is the oil drain bolt on a 1996 Chevy S-10?

The drain plug is on the bottom of the oil pan if you look under the truck it is at about the middle of the vehicle, and about as far back as the back of the front tires. The bolt faces towards the passenger side. It should take a 15mm socket or wrench.

Remington model 580 bolt removal?

First take off the stock. Second pull down on the bolt stop pin located in front of the trigger. Third while holding down on the bolt oin remove the bolt.

How do you remove the bolt on a model 18D springfield 12 gauge shotgun?

take out the scew on the bottom side of the barrel

Where is the starter located on a 1990 Toyota Pickup?

if u are facing your truck it will be on the left side of the engine!! u can take the bottom bolt off from the bottom but the top bolt well your gunna have to take it off from the top your gunna have to open your hood and slide your hand down to the starter! good luck...

How do you take the bolt out of a Marlin 122?

Take the barrelled action out of the stock, and at the front left side of the reiciver there is a little release lever, pull it down and remove the bolt while holding trigger back.

How do you change a cv axle for your 1990 integra?

loosen axle bolt take outer tie rod bolt off remove from hub take bottom ball joint bolt off seprate from hub and pull out alittle and axle can come out then put it back together

How do you change battery on a 1986 corvette?

Remove the small body panel by removing the three bolts from the wheel opening directly behind the front wheel, then take an open end wrench and loosen the bolt between the bottom of the small body panel and the molding it joins on the bottom. The wrench will barely go between the body panel and the bottom panel. If you look between them, you will see the bolt head. You only have to loosen this bolt, as it will not come out, then slide the body panel straight out to the side, remove the battery hold down clamp and slide the battery out.

How do you take a starter off of a 1996 Chevy Blazer?

it is on the left side the passengers side you pull it out then take the front and twist it so you can take off the wires and then take the front and tip it up so the front is up and you can pull it out through the bottom.

How do you bolt your scooter?

you take a bolt and bolt it.

Do you have to remove the front motor mount on a 96 Pontiac Bonneville to change the belt?

You don't have to. What you can do is take one bolt off the mount, slide the belt in the space. Then take the other bolt off and slide the belt the rest of the way. Remember to put he last bolt back on.

How to take apart a Remington 700 bolt?

Just in front of the trigger there should be a small little button thing. Just hold that in and then work the bolt back and it should come out.

Oil drain plug on a suzuki ltr 450?

There is one bolt on the bottom of the oil tank. The oil tank is located near the header pipe up front. There is also 2 horizontally mounted drain bolts on the bottom of the motor itself under the plastic OEM skid plate. Be careful and take your time, the 2 bottom ones tend to strip often!

How do you replace the alternator on a 2003 Buick Regal?

First, you need to take off the belt. next you need to disconnect the battery. then take a 13mm wrench and remove 3-4 bolts. two on the back, 1 on the bottom by the tension pulley then one long one in front. remove wires, then insert new alternator, bolt back on. connect wires. be sure to insert bottom bolt first (its the hardest) then the others. fit belt back on, then connect battery and start it up!

How does a bolt go on a mauser 1916?

The link at the bottom of this page will take you to a good site on military surplus firearms, including assembly and disassembly of the Mauser rifle. Your bolt MAY need to be cocked.

Where is the oil pan located on a 1991 ford f-250?

It will be on the bottom of the engine. You will have to get under the truck to see it. It will look like a big pan will one bolt on it. This bolt is what you take out to drain the oil out of it.