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I changed the clutch on my 98 yahama blaster now it wont release?



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take off the side cover on the foot brake side then unbolt the 5 bolts on the clutch basket then you`ll see a nut in the middle take that off .pull the clutches out one by one and remember how they came out and replace how they came out last one out will be the first one in . the put the clutch basket lid back on make sure it goes all the way down , put the 5 bolts and springs back on do not over tighten you will break them off , then take you fingers where the nut was grab the stud that sticks out turn it until it just tightens against the cover put the nut back on replace the cover . check the clutch lever free play just make sure just before you feel the clutch start to engage you should be able to stick a nickel between the lever and the part that bolts to the handle bars