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Tamagotchi v2 is just a plain circle.=Tamagotchi V3 has a stick on the opisit side of the chain.==Tamagotchi V4 same as V3 but the stick has a circle on it.==Tamagotchi V4.5 same as V4 but has a star at the end of the stick.==Tamagotchi V5 has a triangle at the end of the stick.=

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โˆ™ 2008-04-26 20:33:24
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Q: I don't know witch version my tamagotchi is can you help me?
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What are the cheat codes for tamagotchi version 5.5?

Look on and it will help you alot

Tamagotchi music city band help?

first. you will log in to your tamagotchi version 6 toy..and then second. click profile,click the band info and you will have your friends to join to your band. and you will have a band....

How do you figure out what version your tamagotchi is?

well......i only have a v5 so i cant tell you much information but on v5 the games are tv surfing tea time golf putt and shoe pairs.if your tamagotchi has those games on it it means its a v5.sorry if i couldn't help you.

What are the cheat codes for Tamagotchi version v4?

I have no idea I wanted password for tamagotchi v4. soooo people help meeeeeethey r :Pen = 15,000 gp:BBCA CCCA.Steak = 1,400 gp:ACAB ACAC.Clone = 14,000 gp:BAAB ACBA.Honey = 7,000 gp:CCBA AABB.CD3 = 0 gp:CAAA BACB.

In tamagotchi what does the symbol of the two faces mean?

it means the Tamagotchi needs attention (ie needs feeding, is unhappy). Note: if the two faces comes up, and you check the food/happy, and your Tamagotchi is full and happy, you need to put the Tamagotchi in a time-out - this will help with the training.

What is the difference between a good witch and a bad witch?

a bad witch will kill you if they have to but a good witch trys to help you

What is honey on your tamagotchi?

it's a love potion to help tammas fall in love

Help to get match maker on ver 2 tamagotchi?

Wait until your tamagotchi is 6 years or older, then one day, it'll appear onto your screen.

How do you get into tamagotchi town?

This is V4:On your tamagotchi go to the last graphic on the first row and go to PC then get online and go towww.tamatown.comand click on what version you have. when you hit PC on your tama, it brings up a code. put in the username you made when you created your tama, then the password is the code on the screen of the PC area.For more help I find this site good: www.tamatalk.comGo to the heart icon at the top, click on PC, then it will take you to a Login Password that you will have to enter into Tamagotchi Town. It will also require your tamagotchi username. ~by Titusaki~

Tamagotchi character help.?

well if you treat your tama the same way you did before you would obviously get the same tama. try treating it differently and be nice, dont feed it OR feed it and seee what happens --MewMew

How did Oprah Winfrey help poor people witch live in streets?

she did not help poor people witch live in streets that I know of.

Where is the care center in tamagotchi town?

the care center is the travel showthe help center shows you

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