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My boyfriend crashed my car which was under my parents policy and b/c we lived together, his insurance picked up and covered the damages.

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Is professor snape is a deatheater?

Professor Snape was once a death eater. Once he realized Lily was in danger he switched sides.

What is the use of a CIS insurance quote?

The use of CIS insurance quotes are to see whether or not you personally are making a good decision with what insurance provider you have and how much you could be saving if you switched.

What companies provide cellphone insurance?

Companies that provide Mobile Phone insurance include Protect Your Bubble, Gadget Guardian, Esurance, CredoMobile, Budget Mobile Cover, and Switched on Insurance.

What if the car title was in your name when the accident happened and you switched the title into someone else's before settling with the insurance company?

That's called fraud, a criminal offense. The paper trail is easy to prove. DON'T DO IT! If you already did...uh oh, hope you don't get caught.

Why does Vincent stage the accident with the doctor in GATTACA?

Because otherwise his blood would be taken as invalid, he switched it with jerome's blood

Does insurance agencies report uninsured motorist to the police?

I do believe that they do. I was charged with such before but I had switched carriers and I had my documents to prove it.

How did the custom start for people in Spain to eat grapes?

They used to eat testes but then realized they would have to first emasculate their friends. So then they switched to a testes shaped fruit; grapes.

Why would car radio play nothing but static?

Your antenna may have come loose from the back of the stereo, or it may have been switched over to am by accident.

Are the sprites of Butterfree and Venomoth really backwards?

It was probably a mistake...Why don't we just ask the creators to see if the two sprites were really switched by accident...

How did Hans Cristian realize that magnetism and electricity are related?

Hans Oersted observed the needle of a compass move when he switched on an electric current nearby. He realized that there was a relation between electricity and magnetism.

Where do I go to purchase health insurance if I just switched careers?

eHealthInsurance has a website that offers information on purchasing health insurnce online. By providing your zip code the site brings up information on insurance carriers offering individual insurance policies in your area.

Did mr bean get in a car accident?

He wrecks his first car in the first episode of the television series, which is why he switched to the citron green Mini that most people identify him with.

Did the ship RMS Olympic sink?

The Olympic did not sink but there have been conspiracies that say it switched with the Titanic for an insurance scam, but i think that conspiracy is rubbish.

How did Ohio State University get their colors scarlet and grey?

They were going to use Black and Orange, but when they realized that then powerhouse Princeton of the Ivy League was already using those colors, they switched to Scarlet and Grey.

Why am I not covered for snowstorm damages after I switched insurance?

There are different coverages under an auto insurance policy like the liablity coverage,-(PPI) comprehensive coverage and collision. You switched the insurance and so the new car has only the coverage which you had opted for in your old car which might have been only the liablity - mandatory coverage. Thus technically you had insuracne coverage sufficent to abide to your state rules but your car was not covered for own damges of comprehnsive damage to the car. Hence the insurance company is saying that you do not have coverage. Please check your insurance coverage when you buy a new car and upgrade the same.

Which company in Jacksonville is a good choice for car insurance?

GEICO is a very trustworthy and cheap car insurance. Their slogan is 100% true too. Last year, I switched from State farm to GEICO and am saving $59 a month now.

What does PSTN stand for?

Public Switched Telephone NetworkPublic Switched Telephone NetworkPublic Switched Telephone NetworkPublic Switched Telephone Network

When was Switched on Christmas created?

Switched on Christmas was created in 2000.

What is the ISBN of Switched book?

The ISBN of Switched - book - is 9780060871130.

Does the company Progressive have the best auto insurance rates?

Progressive is a great insurance company, however, they do not offer the best rates. I have found that Geico offers more services for less money than progressive. I had Progressive however I switched to Geico about a year ago.

What happens when a light bulb is switched on?

when a light bulb is switched on it will blown..............

What is the past tense of not switch?

Not switched. e.g. "The light was not switched off."

Can genes be switched on and off?

Yes, genes can indeed be switched on and off.

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