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have u changed the fuel filter lately? either that or check presure from fuel pump if it is injected, run some injector cleaner thru it

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Why does my car lurch and feels like gas is not getting to the engine while Im driving?

If feels like your car isn't getting gas to the engine, perhaps the fuel injectors are clogged. You may also need to change the fuel filter.

1993 Lincoln town car while driving feels like it wont shift?

Change the transmission fluid and filter may help problem if not may have to have transmission rebuilt

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Why would 93 explorer stall when driving but will idle ok?

have you checked your FUEL FILTER lately? Or the fuel pump may be going out. Can you describe it if feels like it is NOT getting fuel? Or is it stumbling like it is getting too much fuel? Does it idle in Park, Drive, Reverse? The more info you can post the better answer or leads you will get to solving your problem.

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