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Even though age is important for deciding whether or not you are ready for pointe, how strong you are is more crucial. A dance teacher or experianced dancer will tell you when you are ready. After coming back from quiting, you may need to catch up a little bit, which may take some time. You don't want to go on pointe to early because it can cause damage to your feet.

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How long should a ten year old be on point in ballet?

A ten year old should not be on pointe. The feet are not developed enough and they could ruin their feet so bad they would no longer be able to do pointe (this does not happen 100% of the time). Just a warning if you 'must' be on pointe you should probably not be doing a lot of it.

Why is the age 13 for pointe?

By age 13 girls who want to start pointe are mostly through puberty. Their bones in their ankles are strong enough to support themselves on pointe. They will not stint the growth of bones in their feet, because (again) they are mostly through puberty and done growing. Also, by age 13 (if they started ballet when they were younger) they should be strong and have good turnout. At 13, girls should really be able to decide if they actually want to start doing pointe or do ballet at all.

Where do you get pointe ballet shoes?

You should be able to buy pointe shoes from the same place you buy your normal ballet shoes, or another dance supplies shop. It is very important to ensure they fit properly, as otherwise you may hurt yourself. Pointe shoes should only be worn by dancers who know what they are doing, and have a teacher.

What is the difference between modern ballet and classical ballet?

Modern ballet is more from this century. It isn't to music you would here in a symphony where as classical is. Classical is when you go to The Nutcraker and see ladies op on pointe shoes doing things like pirouettes.

Does pointe ballet really deform your feet?

If you start pointe work when you are not ready, not strong enough, it can be very damaging to your feet and bones. If you sstart when you are ready and strong enough, you can certainly get blisters, etc. I have been doing pointe for about 6 or 7 years now and the backs of my heels have reddish calluses. My pinky toes as well are like big red knobs, callused over. Neither my heel or pinky toes hurt to the touch, although sometime if I dance en pointe for a while at a time the will hurt, as will the rest of your toes, depending on what kind of pointe work you do. I've been told ballet dancers will sometimes develop arthritis too later in life if you are serious about ballet and do it often. After 6 or 6 years of pointe work, my feet are now a lot stronger than before but generally feel and look great (minus the knobby pinky toes and heels).

Are dance and ballet the same?

Not really- ballet is a type of dance, so if you were doing ballet you would be dancing, but if you were dancing you wouldn't neccessarily be doing ballet.For example, you could be doing tap, jazz or ballroom.

Where can you order demi pointe shoes?

You can go to Berry's I would highly recommend Grishko Exam Pre-Pointe with no shank, Beautiful shoe and helps a lot with learning the basic feel of pointe shoes.... They can be a pretty penny but it's worth it :) -Doing ballet for 3 years

Do you have to be en pointe to be in the summer intensive program at the long beach ballet?

I'm not sure about Long Beach, but generally for summer intensives you do have to be en pointe or going on pointe. New Answer I am currently a year around student at the Long Beach Ballet, and yes for the 6week summer intensive to China you have to be more than an advanced beginner en pointe. For the 3week Long Beach Intensive (I'm doing that one this year) you have to be on pointe or at least start going en pointe in December for your audition. Hoped that helped and please consider the Long Beach Ballet intensive, the teachers are great in every way, the studio is one of the most professional studios I'd say in all of California, and you'd LOVE it, trust me.

Should I start doing pointe classes or wait till I'm thiner?

Your weight has nothing to do with pointe shoes. And frankly, it's not up to you whether or not to begin on pointe. It's up to your teacher to determine whether or not you're strong enough.

What grade should you do pointe?

There is definatly NO CERTAIN GRADE, it depends on the strangth and tecnique the student has. Genreraly students go on pointe when they reach Intermediate Foundation but this isn't a definite limit. The student must be doing ballet for at least 3 years and doing 4 classes a week. (I am in grade 5 and have been doing pointe work for a year now, but i think it was way to early and i am causing damage to my feet. i have also only been dancing for 1 year.)

Which episode had Lucy doing ballet class?

the ballet

Is there only dancing in Ballet?

If your doing a show, there could be some acting, but you don't speak.

How old do you need to be on pointe?

Answer:It's a good idea to ask you teacher, as he or she has lots of experience in the area. Your feet and ankles need to be strong enough to support you, and a number of factors - such as how long you have been doing ballet for - will affect how long it takes for you begin pointe work.Answer:Although there is no age limit, 12 is around a good age. This is because you must wait for your feet to stop growing so you do not damage them. 12 really is the earliest they should be given, but some studios give them as early as 8.Answer: I'm 11 and I'm on pointe. There isn't really an age limit! Some teachers put you on as soon as you are strong enough to, others make you wait until you are a certain standard. If you do RAD you go on pointe in intermediate foundation onwards (I'm in intermediate foundation). With other ballet styles it is in a grade.

What makes ballet a sport?

A "sport" is commonly defined as an athletic activity requiring strength and skill, combined with an element of competition. Ballet requires strength. If the dancer is en pointe, they are supporting their entire body weight on the tips of their toes, while also doing spins and and jumps. A dancer's toes may bleed if they have been en pointe for an excessive amount of time, yet the student will not let that deter them. Those who do ballet also need a mental strength: confidence is key. Dancers need to be sure of themselves if they want to succeed in the dance world, and not despair after every rejection from an audition. Ballet definitely requires skill. Not everyone can just hop into pointe shoes and dance, it takes years of training, hours of rehearsal, flexibility, and confidence to be a good at ballet. Just learning to go en pointe can take years and years of hard work and practice. Ballet is also competitive. There are literal competitions ballet dancers can enter, but every audition is also a contest. Ballet is not only a rigorous sport, but also a beautiful art form. It takes a perfect combination of athleticism and grace to be a ballet dancer.

How old do you have to be to get into Ballet School?

you can start ballet at any age there are classes for 2 year olds all the way up yo adult. It is a common misconception that you have to be young to start ballet, i started when i was 13 and now im en pointe and as good as my friends how have been doing it since they were four. so please dont be put off by your age ballet is wonderful no matter how old you are !! :)

What strength do you have to have to be on pointe?

It is vital that the bones in your feet are not still too soft when you begin pointework, so a child should not begin ideally until she is at least 11 years old. This is, of course, providing you are of a suitable standard (Grade 5+) or have been doing ballet for several years. The best thing to do is talk to an pointe-shoe fitter in a ballet shop, as they should be trained in this area and will know what is best for your feet in particular.

What are the props in ballet?

There can be different props in ballet depending on what they are doing.

Why do people do pointe ballet?

Because its a beautiful art form. ballerinas usually end up doing point to expand their movements and such. Its a sport just like anything else. People choosing to do football or soccer is no different.

How is ballet performed?

Ballet is performed in many different sorts of ways. Some ballets consist of just girls, and some of girls and boys. Ballet is performed by twirling around on special sorts of ballet shoes, walking "en pointe", and doing different sorts of moves that also involve plies and leaping into the air. Some require for you to do splits, and also to use your arms. In some, the boys assist the girls in their moves and even lift them into the air.

How do ballet teachers decide when their students can do point?

A ballet teacher usually decides when to put his/her students on point when he/she sees that the girls' ankles are sturdy. I was 9 or 10 when I got my first pair, but some teachers like to keep their kids on flat (no pointe shoes) for a couple more years. If you are a ballet teacher, keep your students doing relevés on flat for a while to build sturdy ankles.

Can you do ballet at any age?

You can start ballet at any age but if you expect to dance en pointe you wont. I started ballet at age 2 and i got my shoes when i was 12 it takes 8 years minimum to get pointe shoes but most school dont let girls start intill there 12 or older. It might be hard to get into a begginers class because most girls are already on pointe you might get into a class with 11 year olds or younger. I recomend doing a diffrent type of dance like jazz or lyrical because they dont need as much trainingListen, I knew a girl that started ballet at 7 years old (and that's pretty late) but she is one of the best dancers ever!! (I mean, she's not exactly as famous as like, Baryshnikov, but she is still really good! (:

Is there any free online courses for Learning ballet?

Ballet is best learnt with a teacher, as its difficult to analyse what you are doing wrong while you are doing it. Not too mant gymnasts have taught themselves, its the same with ballet.

How do I compare ballet and modern dance music?

I suggest that you try doing a compare/contrast exercise - make a table where down one side you have ballet & down the other you have modern dance - then look at key features, e.g. - footwear - modern dancers = usually barefoot, ballet = pointe shoes for females, ballet shoes for males. You should consider features such as music, themes, costume, use of props, set design, location of performance, gender, roles.... Hope this helps

What style of dance were they doing in my chemical romance's video Helena?

it was all ballet inspired i think... the actress playing 'helena' was definatly doing ballet

Is pointe bad for you in dance?

If you care for your feet and build the muscles in your feet (by doing dyna band exercises) before starting pointe you should not have a problem. However if your start pointe when you are still young it can hurt your feet. Typically pointe shoes can be worn starting around age 12.

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