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it could be from stress

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Q: I had my period in the beginning of the month and I got it again July 28 and it was only 3days Why would you get your period twice a month?
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Could you come on your period twice in one month?

maybe, if you had it once at the beginning of the month and once at the end

Is it safe to conceive in a month that you do not have a period?

It is safe, but if you aren't having your period there may be other possiblities. You may need to go see the doctor to get your period going again. And if you didn't have your period this month, you may not ovulate this month.

If your period is late an you come on the next month are you pregnant?

If by "come on the next month" you mean that you get your period again, then probably not. Best to do a test though.

Can you have your period again before the next month?

Yes, your period isn't determined by the calendar date but is determined by your menstrual cycle - if your menstrual cycle was only 21 days long then you could menstruate on the first of the month, then again on the twentyfirst of the month.

Is it OK to have a period one month but doesn't get it again?

sometimes your period can be irregular.... stress, illnesses, etc can affect your period. If this lasts more than a few months, see a doctor

How soon can you take a pregnancy test if you do not remember the last time you had a period?

as soon as you period does not come in the second month again.

If you miss what if your period and you are pregnant will you have one next month?

If you are pregnant then it is unlikely that you wil have a period again until after the child is born

What happens if you had your period but get punch in the vagina and you start the period again that same month?

It's not possible for someone to punch you in your vagina as your vagina is inside your body. When you menstruate is determined by your menstrual cycle so if you experience two periods in one month then your cycle is obviously less than a month long and happens to have fallen on the beginning and end of the month. Either that or you're mistaking vaginal bleeding for menstruation.

I want to know could i be pregnant if i had a cycle only for 3 days. when i last a week?

hey,I usually have my period on the 9-10th every month for 5days...with cramps,not too bad. the past 3 months Ive had my period on 8-11th of each month,lasting about 2-3days spotting to this normal??

If you had a sex jus before your period at the beginning of the month then the day after your period and then come on again that same month for just 2days and then have sex after that and be pregnant?

Dear Reader; Fertility is usually around 14 days after a period plus or minus a couple days. If it was around then maybe the answer is yes. If you are not married another form of entertainment would be a very good idea. Dwight

You had unprotected sex and then went back the next week and had unprotected sex while your period on?

just have it again and again and again 4 times a month!!

Does birth control affect your period?

It shouldn't if you take it properly. Birth control can be used to make your period more predictable & controlled. For example, I prefer my period at the beginning of the month because I expect it then. Mentally I just know new month, period is coming.

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