I had my period on 23 June and sex on 27 June so it is possible that I can be pregnant how i can check?


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Uh...Take a pregnancy test. You probably were not ovulating at that time.

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if the last time you had sex was in June then you are either five to six months pregnant or not pregnant at all a pregnancy test or doctors visit wil tell you

You might be pregnant, but it can take 2-4 weeks to get a period after stopping the contraceptive implant. If you have other symptoms, take a pregnancy test.

There is a chance of becoming pregnant using a intrauterine device. The possible day of conception would have been from September 11th this then would give a birth date of June 4th 2010.

If you had a period chances of being pregnant are very, very small. If you are still questioning if you are pregnant, a pregnancy test would be completely reliable at this point, from sex you had May 5.

i had my period on the 12th of June and finished on the 16th of June which was 12 days ago now. during the 12th and 16th my period was spots of blood it was not a normal period.i am thinking that i might be pregnant but not sure?

No, if I were you, I'd go see a doctor as soon as possible. It isn't usually normal for a healty woman not to have a period. Well I personally had my tubes tied in June of 2005 and just had my first "REAL" period last week January 16, 2006, so yes it is possible and I was not pregnant and still am not pregnant. I had my tubes burned. if you were breast feeding then you have a good chance of not getting one for a while.

I last got my period on June 23rd which lasted for four-five days. I had sex on June 27th pretty much as soon as my period had finished. About a week later I started with really bad headches which lasted around 4 days. The following week my breasts started to get sore and have been ever since, along with slight stomach ache and a bit gassy (sorry for detail). My next period isn't due until 21st July. Is it possible that I got pregnant on the day that my period ended????

No he isn't wrong. The day you have sex and this is the day you became pregnant (day 1) your already considered 2 weeks pregnant.

depends when your last period started, but it somewhere after your period in June or in July but a cool tool that helped me is www.babies.com and they have a est due date caculator and alls u answer is last period! good luck!!

If the first date of your last period was Sep 10 2007, the approximate due date would be June 16 2008. Check with a health care provider to be sure.

Possible date of conception, 3rd to 11th October.

most likely. go get a pregnancy test. unless your period just skipped a couple months...

Since you started your period after you had sex with the other person, there's no chance you could be pregnant by him. By the time you started your period on May 27 or 28, you would have already been more than two weeks pregnant & you can not have a period if you are already pregnant (unless there's something seriously wrong with the pregnancy). Since you had sex with your boyfriend in June and later in June, you missed your period, you are pregnant by your boyfriend. There's really a 0% chance it could be the other guys & a 100% chance it's your boyfriends baby.

It depends on how ur body works. Everyone immune system doesn't opperate the same. For references, I have experiended becoming pregnant while my menstrual cylce was on. A relative of mine hasn't had her period within maybe like two years. And she's pregnant now. If you have never had a period in your life, you can still get pregnant if your first cycle is starting. For example if someone were going to get their period June 1st, they could have had unprotected sex in the middle of May and still gotten pregnant. But you can't get pregnant more than a month or so before your first period.

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