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Uh...Take a pregnancy test. You probably were not ovulating at that time.

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Q: I had my period on 23 June and sex on 27 June so it is possible that I can be pregnant how i can check?
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Your last period was June 102008 you are pregnant when did you conceive?

Roughly June 24th

When did you get pregnant if the first day of your last period was September 10 and your due date is June 24th?

check the fertility calculator through the internet.

Could i get pregnant if my last sex was in June my period is delay for one month now and it's November is it possible?

if the last time you had sex was in June then you are either five to six months pregnant or not pregnant at all a pregnancy test or doctors visit wil tell you

You started your period on the 14th of June and it ended on the 17th of June you had unprotected sex on the 24th of June and you feel sore breastsback painpain in abdomen am you pregnant?

you r pregnant!!!!!!

If i had a Period on the 9th June then had implanon removed on 16th June and it is now 28th June could I be pregnant?

You might be pregnant, but it can take 2-4 weeks to get a period after stopping the contraceptive implant. If you have other symptoms, take a pregnancy test.

Could you be pregnant if your period came on in June but not in July?

Yes. Take a test

I didn't have a period in June or July i took a pregnancy test in the middle of July that was negative i had a period aug 4 i just found out i am pregnant could i have gotten pregnant in July?

No. If you got a period after July, then you did not get pregnant in July.

Is it possible to be pregnant with an IUD you are having symptoms and Have not had a period since Aug 28 2009?

There is a chance of becoming pregnant using a intrauterine device. The possible day of conception would have been from September 11th this then would give a birth date of June 4th 2010.

Would it be possible for you to get pregnant even if our last contact with hubby was on May 5th but you had your period on the 10th and now its June still hopin for a miracle?

If you had a period chances of being pregnant are very, very small. If you are still questioning if you are pregnant, a pregnancy test would be completely reliable at this point, from sex you had May 5.

You are 36years old period started on June 12 to 16th was spotted blood the hole time are you pregnant?

i had my period on the 12th of June and finished on the 16th of June which was 12 days ago now. during the 12th and 16th my period was spots of blood it was not a normal period.i am thinking that i might be pregnant but not sure?

I had my last period on June eleventh and the doctor says i got pregnant on July eighth can you tell me when i got pregnant?

a few days before your first missed period..

Can you be pregnant if you haven't had a period since June and have all the signs of being pregnant and went to the doctor's for a test but it was negative?

Yes you can be pregnant. ASk for an ultrasound scan.

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