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You've done well to get 10 years out of your compressor. You can purchase rebuilt or new AC compressors from most auto parts retailers, then just remove the old one and replace it. Follow the directions and you shouldn't go too far wrong. One word of warning though, if the oil is black or has "chunks" in it, you'll need to replace as many of the parts as you can, such as the rubber hoses, expnasion valve and the receiver/dryer. In truth, it's probably a good idea to replace them anyway. But if the oil is not perfectly clean, you also need to completely flush out or replace the condensor and evaporator. Don't put your new compressor in a system that has abrasive "stuff" in the lines that will destroy the new unit. After it's all back together, check for leaks. That is typically accomplished when the ac tech evacuates the system using a vacuum pump. He typically watches the system to see if the pressure starts to sneak up. If there's a leak it should be repaired before putting the refrigerant into the lines. Once you have determined that the system isn't leaking and IS clean, you can put some of the 134A refrigerant and oil MIX back into the AC system. If you live in a very humid area, you might build up a little moisture in the lines that can potentially cause problems with the AC system, but that small amount of moisture is usually picked up by the receiver/dryer. Yes, most AC techs will tell you that you MUST evacuate the AC lines before you add the refrigerant, but realistically, it will probably be ok if you don't. If you do it yourself, figure 2 to 4 hundred for the compresor, hoses, receiver dryer, expansion valve, cleaning solvent for the Condenser and Evaporator and enough 134A and oil to recharge the system, should be around $500 to $700, depending on where you get the parts. Sometimes it is possible to just replace the seal, but that generally doesn't work out well since the seal probably went bad because of a worn bearing. No leak stopping material will really work on an AC compressor, since the moving part will just cause it to fail almost as quickly as you put it in.

2006-07-15 18:13:38
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How long is the warranty for Master Mechanic power tools?

The new Master Mechanic power tools have a 3 year warranty.

What is the Average warranty for a home air conditioning compressor?

If its a copeland scroll compressor it should be Life time..

Warranty on a 2005 Chevy cavalier catalytic converter?

80k miles

What is the warranty on the LG LWHD7000HR 7000 / 3850 BTU Air Conditioner / Heater?

It has a warranty of 5 Years Parts, Labor and Compressor.

Is the ac compressor in a 09' jeep covered under warranty?

It would have been covered by the 3 year, 36000 mile warranty.

Is any insurance for car mechanic problems?

That would be an extended power train warranty

How would you replace the AC compressor on a 1997 Trans AM WS6?

If you do not have the recovery equipment and vacuum pump to draw the system down after installing the new compressor. You might want to leave the job to a shop that has the equipment. If you do it improperly it will void the compressor warranty and you will be buying a second compressor.

Is it a wise choice to replace a compressor in an 11 year old Carrier 42k BTU heat pump rather than replace the whole outside unit?

No it's not. But if that's all you can afford then, you have to put the compressor in. You will have a one year warranty on the compressor. If you have a new system put in you can get a ten year warranty on every part. Goodmans and Amana, also have units with lifetime warranties.

How long was the manufacturers warranty for a 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier?

36 months or 36000 miles, whichever comes first.

What is the noraml warrenty on a new head gasket?

Most mechanic shops offer a 1 year 20k warranty on work done. As for a blown head gasket,if something else caused it (low antifreeze causing over heating)your mechanic shop will probably not give you warranty.

Do you need to install a new accumulator when you install a new car AC compressor?

It is usually required for the warranty to be valid.

If I get auto repair through an independent mechanic rather than the dealership, will it void my warranty?

It really depends on what sort of work is being done on the car. If you go to a mechanic for a major engine, AC, or other issue, it can void the warranty, but as theMagnuson-Moss Warranty Act says, the warranty can only be voided on that specific part. Also, minor work such as oil changes, belts, and smaller jobs like that are fine to have done elsewhere.

How long can a repaired transmission last?

Indefinitely. It could last one mile, or 100,000 miles. The repair might even outlast the transmission itself, or not. All you can really count on (if you used an honest and reputable mechanic) is that your mechanic honors whatever warranty is on the repair for as long as the warranty lasts.

How do you change the bearings and seals in the air conditioner compressor of a 1994 Buick LeSabre?

You are best off to get a rebuilt compressor. Other parts in the compressor are probably worn also so replace the whole unit. Most suppliers won't warranty a compressor unless you change the receiver dryer at the same the & flush the system.

What is the tire size for a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier?

The tire size for the base model 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier is 195/70 R14. Tires are sold in several prices depending on the mileage warranty of the tire.

Do you need to go to main dealer to get brake pads changed on 2006 vw passat?

depends on the warranty of the car if the car has no warranty you can just take the car to mechanic shop that you feel comfortable

Where can you find parts for master mechanic tools?

You can call American Warranty Service (AWS) for Master Mechanic parts and service information at 1-888-980-5057. They have parts for all Master Mechanic table top and free standing electric tools.

Can a 3 phase air conditioner compressor be changed out to a single phase compressor if only single phase is available?

Depending on who does the work it could be less expensive than getting a different air conditioner. The compressor will also need a capacitor and some rewiring. The old unit could have a 3 phase blower motor also which could run the price up even more. Although the changes can be made, the warranty at best will probably be a one year warranty and a new unit could have a 5-10 year warranty.

How much should it cost to replace clutch on a 1997 chey cavalier z24?

1013 plus HST Canadian 520 for parts 85 for machining flywheel and the rest is labour 1 year warranty including labour warranty for 1 year

If you have a bad compressor does that mean you need a new contactor?

Not always. But if a compressor goes bad it can take out the contactor. I have replaced compressors before and found the contactor is still ok. In a commercial application Copeland will not honor the warranty if the contactor is not replaced at the same time a new compressor is installed. Not sure about residential but for a $15 contactor I would not gamble with it.

What is the best brand of pool heat pumps?

Aquacal and Rheem make good pool heat pumps and have better warranties. The Aquacal SS175 has a 7 year parts, 2 year labor, 7 year compressor and lifetime heat exchanger warranty. The Rheem M8350ti has a similar warranty but only has a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger.

Do you get a warranty with an Xbox system?

Warranties are available for the Xbox system. For the later models the warranties last one year for the actual Xbox, and 90 days for accessories. The Xbox must be registered after purchase in order for the warranty to be effective.

Do you have to return the car to the dealer you bought it from for service?

no never! it will only cost you even more money that a regualr mechanic shop unless it is under warranty or you do the work yourself

Will adding a remote starter to your car void the new car warranty?

It really depends on your car. Each manufacturer has their own warranty polices which may differ from car to car. Generally, installing another product on your vehicle will not void the warranty unless it causes issues with the car. That means you may install a remote starter if you wish, but if that remote starter causes a problem, your warranty will be void. You should really read every line of your warranty document very, very carefully, including the small-print. Or you can call or email the customer services department of the car manufacturer, just to make doubly sure. It would also be best if you had the remote starter installed by a mechanic approved by the car manufacturer, since these people know the car well and therefore there will be absolutely no problem with the installation. The authorised mechanic can also validate the warranty.

Is a Craftsman air compressor good for home remodeling?

Yes, Craftsman makes a very good and reliable range of air compressors. You also get a very nice warranty along with the product.