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i don't even think thats possible......they might not be kissing....! maybe the'rye preening each others feathers!

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Q: I have 3 parakeets is it possible that two male Parakeets can kiss each other and if so then why?
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Do parakeets interact with other birds?

yes parakeets can interact with each other in a special

Will two boy parakeets be safe together?

No male parakeets often fight with each other.

How do parakeets comunicate?

Parakeets communicate by slapping each other with their tongues. If this dose nut work, they will kill each otder and it was sadd

Why is your parakeet violent toward other parakeets?

Parakeets can be violent to each other to see who is stronger. That's pretty much what i know.

Will 2 male parakeets fight?

Yes male parakeets often fight with each other because this is there natural instict in the wild.

Will two male parakeets fight?

Yes male parakeets often fight with each other because this is there natural instinct in the wild.

Can parakeets eat hamster food?

Yes. Parakeets and hamsters can eat each other"s food because it mostly consists of seed.

How buch does a budgie cost at pj's pets?

baby parakeets are 15$ each and adult parakeets are 20$ each

Do female Parakeets fight?

They may, but will not do much harm to each other if they do.

How do you introduce new parakeets to each other?

Put them next to eachother.

How do you know if two parakeets like each other?

they will preen each other and feed each other and will not want to be seperated!

Why do parakeets fight?

Parakeets are very territorial. This means that they are very sensitive to what is on their turf. or, it might be that they simply dont like each other.

How do you know if you two male parakeets hate each other?

If their always fighting.

Do old and young parakeets get along?

Yes old and young parakeets can get along. They can also be territorial so it is important to introduce them to each other gradually so they aren't threatened.

Why do parakeets peck at each other?

Birds tend to not like each other, especially if they are the same type of bird.

When do you know your parakeets want to mate?

You will know when your parakeets (male and female only) want to mate when they start to get along with each other. The male will start to respect the female and began feeding her. This is also a sign for breeding. Enjoy breeding your parakeets! Trust me, it's a LOT of fun!

How do you know if parakeets are kissing?

Parakeets do not kiss. what you're thinking of is probably regurgitating. parakeets feed each other sometimes by regurgitating. they will turn their heads sideways and put their beaks together and one or them will regurgitate food into the others mouth. pretty gross eh?

Should you get 1 or 2 parakeets?

If you want to have a close bond with your bird and train him to talk or other tricks then get only one. Getting two birds causes the parakeets to bond with each other and not with you as the owner as much.

How do you know if the pair of parakeets are getting along?

they preen each other, play with each other, feed each other, and share favorite things.

How to know if your parakeets are in love with out them laying eggs?

you Will know if parakeets love each other because one will regurgitate seeds into the others mouth. usually the male is the one to regurgitate the seeds into the females mouth

What does it mean when parakeets go on top of each other?

if the male goes on top of the female then they are reproducing!

What does it mean when parakeets sit next to each other and kiss?

theyre gonna mate soon

Why do parakeets attack each other?

They might be protecting another bird they like from thaat bird they are attacking.

Can two parakeets be in the same cage?

Yes, i have 4 parakeets in a cage. First put them in 2 seperate cages next to each other to get used to one another for a few days. then you can put them together in one cage.

How many parakeets can you have?

As many as you can handle. Parakeets tend to make a lot of noise and take a lot of care. Often you are best to have two pairs, because they like to keep each other company if you're not around to entertain them.