I have 4 month old toy Maltese will not eat but will eat if i feed her is this normal you just got her 2 weeks ago?

well I know I have a 3 year old pug and we got her when she was 7 weeks old and until she hit about 2-3 months she wouldn't eat unless we hand feed her or stood by her when she ate so it could jus be that she wonts to feel safe because when she leaves her mom she feels alone maybe and you can be her new mom or dad and she wants someone to make her feel safe that could be it...she could just be scared...


These are sweet little dogs and are like babies. Many people don't realize that when you go to some breeders some of those dogs have been flown in by plane from other areas and these little dogs don't fair well. Your dog is healthy, but a baby so treat it as such. For the next month hand feed your dog, but then that's it! Start training the dog to eat out of their little dish and drink out of their water dish even if you have to get on your hands and knees to coax them. You be the boss! Little dogs can wrap an owner around their paws so easily and you certainly don't want a fussy and demanding dog on your hands.

Your little dog is perfectly normal. Just do the above and let your dog get use to their new surroundings and bond with you and then start feeding them from their food dish (you can also use a saucer.)

Congratulations on your new pet. You won't be sorry!


For a start any dog is not a baby and should not be treated as such. Just because you can carry your little dog does not mean it cannot walk for itself and think for itself. Treating your dog like a baby is exactly the way to bring up an unsocial and unbalanced dog that will have serious issues when its older.

By now it should be able to do all the basic puppy behaviours eg sit, down.

If it will not eat by itself then it could be behavioral issues, health problems or the food.

Have you taken your puppy to the vets and had it checked out? Take along a sample of the pups faeces and they can examine it for any problems. Is your pup losing it's teeth by the way?

If it's behavioral (and by the question it seems so) then it's the puppy discovering how much control it has over you. The same can be said for children, if a mother always cuts her children's food and feeds them off her fork then they will always want the same behaviour which is just as wrong.

You should put the food on the floor and then ignore your pup whilst standing in the same room. After 20 mins take the food away, even if the pup hasn't eaten. This way you are in control again and the pup will soon learn that if it doesn't eat when you want then it has to wait till next feeding time. No healthy dog will starve itself.

What are you feeding your pup? Dogs sense of smell is thousands of times better then their taste sense so a lot of their taste comes from scent. If your pups food doesn't smell appetising then it won't hold as much interest. Also are you feeding biscuits or wet food? If the biscuits are too large then the amount of time and effort required to eat could be putting it off.

Also how much are you exercising your pup? If the puppy isn't using sufficient amounts of energy through mental and physical stimulation then it won't feel the need to eat as eating mainly regains energy.

All in all, NEVER treat your dog as a baby, allow it to run and interact with other dogs. Take it to as many new places you can and introduce it to new people everyday.