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Is there a Brake Lock out switch on that bike. I know th LT80 has a swith on the brake that5 needs to be engaged in order for there to be juice going to the relay then the starter.

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βˆ™ 2009-12-28 23:25:01
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Q: I have A 1998 suzuki 500 king quad I put a new battery in and their is no power coming from the battery to key switch I checked all the fuses under the seat is their more fuses?
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Why do the headlights stay on and kill battery on the Oldsmobile aurora?

i would have the light switch checked to see if it is faulty

1994 Suzuki Swift replaced starter last week.Still sometimes does not start. Check battery and replaced battery connections.Can you please help.?

check park / neutral safety switch, if standard trans check the clutch safety switch

1999oldsmobile intrigue 38 lit Brand new starter installed had it checked gears line up with flywheel engine turns over manually checked all connections checked battery starter clicks once and nothing?

Bad starter solenoid? Loose or corroded battery terminals? Weak battery? Bad neutral switch?

Where Suzuki quad runner 300 neutral switch?

where is the neutral switch 1998 Suzuki king quad

What could be wrong with your 1997 Honda Accord if it wont turn over when you turn the keys although it was fine just a day ago you checked the battery and the battery is fine?

Clutch pedal switch or deteriated clutch pedal switch pad.

What would cause the engine to die if you turn the head lights on?

if alt and battery good. then there is a dead short in the switch .by the way have alt output checked i have had brand new alt's. that were duds and did not work right. bad ground on battery or switch

What does it mean if there is a black sticky substance coming from the light switch?

One possibility is that the connections are loose. Heat is generated. The switch was wrapped in black electrical tape and it is melting. Switch off and get it checked by a qualified electrician.

Why won't a 1989 Cadillac DeVille start if the battery alternator starter are all good and the wiring has been checked?

Fuse Link @ starter--- Ignition Switch------- Netural Saftey Switch- Bad ignition switch, or bad neutral safety switch.

Can you switch parts from a suzuki 250 and a Suzuki 300cc engine?

Yes you can ! MIK


Can be a dead battery, defective starter, loose or corroded battery connection, or blown main fuse. If nothing comes on when you turn on the ignition switch and your interior lights are not working it is not the starter.

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1993 suzuki sidekick automatic?

The 1993 Suzuki neutral safety switch is located on the top of the transmission. You can access the switch through the shifting console.

I have a polaris 2000 exsplorer 400. there is know electrical power at all it has a new battery i checked the fues its ok any one HELP...............

Check kill switch and ignition switch for power.

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