I have a 04 wrangler X and would like to install a V8 is there a engine that will match the bell housing or is there a kit to buy for a certain engine Can the front end handle a V8?

Check with "Advanced Adaptors" as far as the swap goes... as far as the front end.. the Dana 30 can, however that's alot of weight and alot of power to have to deal with.. my buddy frequently tears rear ends out with a 4 banger... be easy on it and it'll be ok i guess, go hard and your gonna be replacing shaft like crazy i would imagine. Upgrade to bigger splines, and def. check into new gears front and rear. I'm gonna swap too, but I'm holding off till i get bigger front and rear, don't wanna be left in the woods danglin from a rock face.. u know??? Good luck... Go Big or Go home!!! Lataaaaaaaaaa