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I have a 190e 2.6 Where is the fuel pump relay Do they have a fuel pump relay?

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Open your bonnet, look to the extreme rigth around the arm that holds the bonnet open you should see the electrical fuse box. Directly in-front of this is a black plastic box,located inside is the fuel pump relay. Hold the plastic box cover and lift upwards it should expose the relay. This is true for some 190,s others have there fuel pump relays located on the opposite side of the engine compartment behind the plastic cover behind the battery.

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Fuel pump relay location 2004 ford explorer?

In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) in the engine compartment : Relay # 48 is the fuel pump relay and mini fuse # 26 is a 20 amp fuse for the fuel pump Also , the fuel pump inertia switch is in the right front passenger footwell by the kick panel

Where is fuel pump relay for 2002 ford explorer 4wd?

On a 2002 Ford Explorer : In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment by the brake fluid reservoir ( # 48 is the fuel pump relay ) * also , mini fuse # 26 is a 15 amp fuse for the fuel pump

Where is the Fuel Pump Relay located on 1992 Mercury Topaz?

the fuel pump relay is located on the left shock tower in the engine compartment in a black box 6x4x1 inches. there are other relays inside the same box which is actually called the ccrm or constant contorl relay module, there should be a double connector with 20 to 26 wires in it, hard to miss.

Took battery cables off to check fuses under hood on 2002 Eddie Bauer re hooked cables engine cranks but not getting gas from fuel pump Fuel shutoff switch OK Any suggestions?

In your power distribution box in your engine compartment fuse # 26 is a 15 amp mini-fuse for your fuel pump and relay # 48 is the fuel pump relay . What problem did you have in the first place that had you checking the fuses in the PD BOX ?

How big is the fuel tank on a 2005 gmc serria 1500?

It is rated as 26 gallons but because the fuel pump is located inside the tank it actually will only deliver about 25 gallons.

While driving a 1995 Ford Escort Wagon LX it just died Could it be the fuel pump and if it is where is the fuel pump located?

This also happen to me on 8-26-07. While driving at 65mph the car lost all power & shut down, the car has 71K miles. A week ago I had to replace the hose that runs from where you pump gas into the car to the gas tank. Where is the fuel pump located on this year & model?

When was Relay - song - created?

Relay - song - was created on 1972-05-26.

What is the fuel pump pressure for 99 mercury sable 3.0 dohc?

running 26-35 off 37-43 and it dont matter if its a dohc or ohv.the pressure is the same.

What fuel tank capacity does the 2015 Chevrolet pickup Silverado have?

Fuel tank holds 26 gallons.

How do you get to the fuel pump on a Nissan Sentra se-r 2003?

Relieve the pressure from the fuel system. Remove or disconnect the following:Negative battery cableRear seat and the access coverFuel pump electrical connectorFuel lines from the fuel pump assemblyLocking ringFuel gauge assemblyFuel tube and connector from the fuel gaugeNOTEWhen the fuel sending unit needs to be removed, pull the tab upwards. The tab is located on the sending unit, opposite the end of the float. After the tab is pulled, the sending unit will lift straight out of the tank bracketRelease the fuel pump by pinching the 2 locking tabs together. Lift the fuel pump assembly straight upward and out of fuel tank.Place a clean rag in the hole to keep out dirt.To install:Remove the ragNOTE When the fuel sending unit needs to be removed, pull the tab upwards. The tab is located on the sending unit, opposite the end of the float. After the tab is pulled, the sending unit will lift straight out of the tank bracketNOTE Verify that the mark on the fuel tank and the components are aligned when installing the pump and fuel gauge sending unit.Instal the following:New O-ring and fuel pumpElectrical connection and fuel tube to the fuel gauge sending unitFuel sending unit into the tankIf equipped with a threaded lock ring torque the ring to 22-26 ft. lbs. (30-35 Nm). If equipped with a lock ring held by six retaining screws, torque the screws to 18-22 inch lbs. (2-2.5 Nm). Fuel lines and fuel pump electrical connector. Always install new clamps on the fuel lines.Negative battery cableStart the engine, check for leaks and repair if necessary. Reinstall the fuel pump access cover and rear seat

What size fuel tank is in a dodge sprinter van?

26 gallons26 gallons

What is the fuel capacity for 2010 ford f 150?

It has a total fuel capacity of 26 gallons.

What is fuel capacity on a 2002 Yukon Denali?

The fuel tank capacity is 26 US gallons.

Is there a fuse for horn on 2001 Lincoln ls?

#26 20A* Horn relay, Horns

How can you check the timing belt onm a 1989 Mercedes 190E 26 Liter engine?

The is none to check.Cam drive is by chain located under the valve cover and in the timing chest.

What is the spark plug gap on a 1990 Mercedes 190E with the 26 inline 6 engine?

As per page 95 of the owners manual The electrode gap is 0.8 mm (0.032 in)

How do you replace a fuel pump on a 1991 Chevy Lumina?

goto your parts store and pick up a manaul for about $20.00Yea, well apparently that wasn't helpful.So here's what RTFM says (quick tip, read all the instructions to figure out what parts you're going to need. RTFM doesn't list them.):1. Loosen or remove the gas cap to relieve the pressure in the tank, and leave it loosened or off. 2. Put the vehicle on jack stands or other suitable/safe supports. 3. Under the vehicle, detach the fuel pump electrical connector. It should be the only connector coming from the fuel tank. 4. Carefully lower the vehicle. 5. Start the engine and run until it stalls, then crank the starter for another 3 seconds to make sure the pressure is out. 6. Raise the car again, and reattach the fuel pump electrical connector. 7. Retighten the gas cap. 8. Disconnect the negative battery cable (may be necessary to lower the car; if so, jack it back up afterwards). CAUTION: Observe all applicable safety precautions when working around gasoline. Do not allow fuel spray or fuel vapors to come in contact with a spark or open flame. Keep a Class B dry chemical fire extinguisher near the work area. Never drain or store fuel in an open container due to the possibility of fire or explosion.9. Thoroughly clean around all hose connections, and, using a suitable hand-operated pump, drain the fuel through the filler tube into an approved container. 10. Detach the quick-connects from the fuel sender assembly and remove the fuel lines.11. Using tool J35731 (Google search or call an autoparts store, they'll find it), or an equivalent spanner wrench, remove the fuel sender lockring.12. Lift the sender assembly out of the fuel tank.13. Remove the sender O-ring from the top of the sender and discard.WARNING: Do NOT run the fuel pump UNLESS it is submerged in fuel. Running it dry will cause serious damage to the fuel pump and may cause the pump to EXPLODE due to the oxygen in the air. USE EXTREME CAUTION!14. Note the position of the fuel pump strainer on the fuel pump and, while supporting the pump assembly in one hand, twist the strainer off the pump and discard the strainer.15. Detach the fuel pump electrical connector.16. Remove the clamp from the fuel line at the top of the pump.17. Hold the fuel sender upside down on a work bench and pull the fuel pump out of the lower mounting bracket. Once the pump is clear of the lower mounting bracket, tilt the pump outward and disconnect the pump from the sender assembly.INSTALLATION:18. Replace any attaching hoses or rubber sound insulators that show signs of deterioration.19. Installt the rubber bumper and insulator on the fuel pump.20. Hold the fuel sender upside down and install the fuel pump between the fuel pulse dampener and mounting bracket.21. Attach the fuel pump electical connector22. Install the retaining clamp on the fuel line23. Install a new fuel pump strainer on the outer edge of the ferrule until fully seater. The strainer must be facing the same direction as it was before removal.24. Position a new O-ring on the top of the fuel tank and install the sender assembly.25. Install the lockring using the spanner wrench.26. Reinstall the fuel tank.27. Refill gas tank.28. Connect the negative battery cable.29. Say a little prayer, turn the ignition switch to the ON position (don't crank yet) to pressurize the fuel system and check for leaks. 30. Start car, and if everything is in proper working order, enjoy.

How many gallons can a dodge ram 1500 truck hold?

Fuel - 26oil - 1.25coolant - 3transmission fluid - 3Fuel - 26oil - 1.25coolant - 3transmission fluid - 3

What is the fuel tank capacity of a 2003 escalade?

26 Gallongs

What is Fuel tank capacity for 2004 Tahoe?

26 GAL

Where is the fuse for the fuel pump on a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

On a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer : In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment on the drivers side ( mini fuse # 26 is a 15 amp fuse for the fuel pump ) You can view the 2002 Mercury Mountaineer Owner Guide online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides ( the Power Distribution Box diagram is on page 212 )

What is the fuel capacity of a 2004 Chevy silverado 1500?

26 gallons

What is the Fuel tank size on 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe?

26 gal.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Bugatti Veyron 16.4?

26 gallons

What size is the fuel tank on a Dodge Sprinter?

Approx 26 gallons